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Why Should You Outsource Medical Record Indexing Services?

14 September 2021

Medical records indexing is a navigational instrument around the enormous digital medical records.

Keeping track of patients’ medical records and accessing them at the time of need is crucial in a hospital environment. However, it is one uphill task for the management to keep their patients’ records aligned. For example, a pediatrician in the US was recently fined a hefty amount of $7.5 million for medical negligence. It was reported that the doctors failed to maintain a proper medical record of the child, which led to death.

Since the US government mandates the hospitals to maintain physical medical records for a minimum of 7 years, it enforced the management to store vast amounts of patients’ information. However, piled-up paper documents require more storage area and get misplaced over time. In most cases, it is challenging for the management to retrieve and use relevant records as they are stored at different locations.

But today, there are digitized solutions which can help you save both space and time. Switching to digital health-related documents will not only enhance patient care but also improve the quality of care. It helps the hospital to attain proper record management capabilities while assuring regulatory compliance. 

Several types of medical records are being created and shared among various healthcare providers and organizations worldwide. The most common medical records are Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Personal Health Record (PHR), Electronic Health Record, Electronic Dental Records, e-prescribing, and secure messaging. But before planning to implement the health information technology for use, you should be sure to choose the best fit for your organization.

Why Should You Opt For Medical Records Indexing?

Electronically stored medical records are vast and difficult to access without precise tagging and indexing. Medical records can be indexed based on an individual or an organization’s preferences. For instance, nurses, doctors, and attorneys handling medical lawsuits often use the index to instantly pull out a patient’s medical records. The steps involved in effective medical records indexing are scanning, medical records access, indexing, and quality check. 

Radiographs include the patient’s disks/films of radiographs like CT scans, X-rays, MRIs, and ultrasounds. Index patients’ radiographs by date of service, type of radiograph, and the ordering doctor. 

Pathology specimens are indexed based on the serial number of the sample, type of specimen, and service date. 

How Is Outsourcing Medical Records Indexing Beneficial?

The fast-paced life of hospital staff and members of a law firm makes it difficult for them to sift through hundreds of pages of medical records. The practice of indexing medical files makes life easier for anyone wanting to extract medical information instantaneously.  

A brilliant medical data service owes the most to good indexing

Expert Team 

When you outsource the medical records index service, you forego the hefty task of hiring a new team, training, software support, and budget. Instead, a proficient indexing team understands the complexity of the data involved and indexes as per the client’s requirement.

Medical records of patients typically contain the date of visit, location of the visit, the reason for a doctor visit, doctor notes, prescription, medical care, medical history, etc. Medical records may be indexed based on chronology, illness, or alphabetical order. An expert team is essential 

  • to increase medical records accuracy while improving productivity and speed
  • save money on new hire payroll and
  • client-centric medical records indexing. 


A private indexing service with an advanced security system offers data privacy for all data shared by the client. However, cloud-based system is vulnerable to data breach and leakage. One standard solution is to generate two cryptographic keys: Public-key(sender) and secret key(recipient). The medical data is encrypted using public-key and transmitted to the cloud system. The recipient has the secret key to decrypt the medical information for processing. Encryptions ensure data confidentiality and security for all client medical data. So why trust a third-party service provider?

  • 27/7 data safeguard 
  • routine cyber hygiene procedures and
  • data backup as part of the service.

Best Infrastructure

Attorneys handle numerous cases in a year, and each one is different with its requirements. Therefore, it is impossible to upgrade the software for each subject. For instance, let’s consider the University of Colorado Health, which currently handles 75,000 patient medical records, and in the coming months, the hospital anticipates adding about 3,700 new patients.  A hospital’s in-house system cannot manage medical records at a massive scale and update the software for further requirements. Outsourcing helps you maintain and organize medical records with proficient indexing services. Outsource indexing service for

  • Necessary high-end technical support 
  • Cloud-based storage system and 
  • Turnkey solution for various medical records

Rapid Turnaround Time

Some family-owned medical services with old school records keeping are choosing digital medical records. The years’ worth of medical records takes time to digitize and categorize. A medical records indexing service can meet the on-demand scalable workforce with a global team and high-end technology quickly. Notable pros of private indexing service are

  • Multilingual indexing and
  • Scalable crew to index medical records in bulk. 

Premium Quality

Medical information is imperative for a doctor or an attorney to do just by the patient. Poorly maintained records can hinder a patient’s quality medical care. An organized medical history can also prevent legal mitigations and medical malpractice suits against the health care organization. Competent indexing team offers undeniable quality indexing service to all types of medical records, including

  • Multi-layer quality check and
  • Accuracy. 


Like a table of contents that gives an overview of the book and shows specific content, a medical records index serves a similar purpose. It helps the individual fetch info quickly and expedites data extraction from a large volume of medical documents. Moreover, it benefits organizations by helping them focus on their core competencies and achieve optimal excellence without investing much time in records maintenance.

Migrating to a digital medical record with a trusted partner like PreludeSys can bring a radical improvement in your bottom line. Our expert team goes the extra mile in providing customized medical data service, including excellent medical records indexing service. With an in-depth analysis of your industry requirements, we facilitate high-quality indexing solutions to help you retrieve records effortlessly and carryout everyday tasks. 

Retrieve and manage medical records by incorporating the best indexing techniques. To know more about our key competencies and medical indexing services, reach out to our experts. If not, leave a message in chat. Our expert team will get in touch and offer a quick demo.

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