Why MuleSoft Integration is the Right Choice for your Business

22 November 2021

Over the past few years, organizations have witnessed a dramatic shift in how they run their businesses. The advent of big data, smartphones, multiple customer access points, and cloud applications, coupled with increased API usage, has revolutionized the operational dynamics of the enterprise. Many applications, systems, and data models operate within the organization, partly due to organic growth as well as pockets of innovation that have developed stand-alone utilities. And all these components—essential to the business process—must work together. Enterprise integration is a good way to rationalize complexity and add stability and utility between seemingly disparate systems.

How does business integration benefit an organization?

When organizations choose to integrate their business applications, they do not just integrate systems and services. It encompasses application integration, knowledge integration, business process integration, and more. Enterprise integration, knowledge sharing between companies is enhanced and drives shared business outcomes. B2B integration also fortifies the relationship between corporations and their clients, vendors, and partners.

Since every component is highly interdependent, interoperability becomes increasingly challenging as the enterprise expands its business. The need is strong to create a seamless processing system with a rugged integration solution that will assist the B2B partnerships.

While there are numerous integration platforms available in the market, MuleSoft has proven to be one of the best. The continued rise of APIs and the increase in technologies that solve complex connectivity problems have encouraged many enterprises to utilize MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform.

The Anypoint platform is a hybrid integration system that organizations use for revamping their SOA infrastructure from legacy systems, other proprietary platforms, and existing custom software integration to create business agility.

Reasons why enterprises choose MuleSoft:

  • Increases Agility

Scales up the evolving architecture based on the specific requirements of your business.

  • Boosts productivity

It increases productivity with modern open technologies that promote modularity and collaboration.

  • Creates an innovative environment

Maximizes innovation and creativity across enterprise applications using tools that allow faster development and implementation of APIs.

  • Cuts back the development time

Decreases development by managing all the resources efficiently from one window.

  • Increase in customer satisfaction and experience

It improves overall customer satisfaction and helps the enterprise gain a competitive advantage by delivering a better user experience.

How is MuleSoft integration valuable to different industries?

  • Financial and Banking sectors

MuleSoft improves API connectivity by carefully refining the existing API designs and underlying applications. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many banks and financial institutions digitized the customer on-boarding process because their manual methods were ineffective and constrained operations. Few banks used reusable APIs to unlock and integrate siloed data in the client’s database and on-premises, and legacy systems. Financial services require a secure and efficient solution to integrate data, devices, and applications, which is why MuleSoft is the preferred integration software for five of the top ten global banking institutions.

  • Healthcare

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic many healthcare-based industries and hospitals turned to IT to provide connected experiences for their patients. With online real-time consultations, hospitals are better equipped to deal with emergencies pertaining to their patient’s conditions. Currently, MuleSoft is assisting three sectors: healthcare delivery, health insurance, and life science businesses.

  • Retail sector

Online shopping trends plus purchases via mobile phones and other portable technologies have paved the way for new customer engagement. Real-time connectivity—anywhere—empowers retail outlets to meet and exceed customer expectations.

MuleSofts Catalyst Accelerator for Retail builds a 360-degree view of your customer that facilitates omnichannel experience by connecting the brand and the customer experience: in-store, web, and mobile. It also helps optimize the supply chain by letting real-time information flow to internal and external stakeholders through specific events.

  • Insurance

Insurance is a fast-evolving industry and companies have achieved remarkable growth through advanced distribution models. Huge amounts of daily customer interactions demonstrate—not surprisingly—that customers are busy and require the ability to access information at their fingertips without assistance from an agent. As part of a smooth transition to a more responsive customer model application integration is crucial for the growth of these companies in a rapidly changing market landscape.

MuleSoft integration helps insurance companies to revolutionize their traditional distribution systems and delivers new products and services to the market. It also strengthens customer relationships and expands their delivery channels. Right now, MuleSoft’s Anypoint platform is used by two of the top ten global insurance companies.

  • Government agencies

Government agencies worldwide are shifting away from traditional IT stacks and are demanding innovative IT operation models that will meet the citizen’s expectations, not unlike their consumer counterparts. MuleSoft resolves these issues by offering a platform that increases the speed of project execution and initiates power connectivity across inter-departments involved in decision making. A good example is MuleSoft’s use by the UK Public sector and the United States federal, state, and local governments.

Why choose the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform?

The Anypoint platform quickly solves challenging connectivity problems across SaaS and APIs. Its unified, highly productive, and hybrid nature accommodates the application network of apps, data, and devices with API-led connectivity. The following are several benefits of the Anypoint platform:

  • Future proof

A flexible architecture is the characteristic of the Anypoint platform; it evolves as your business expands, taking note of the market demands and your company’s needs.

  • Uninterrupted connectivity

MuleSoft’s Anypoint connectors are pre-built connectors from MuleSoft’s ecosystem which enables quick connectivity to thousands of REST and SOAP APIs allowing organizations to eliminate the struggle to access data from any location.

  • The low margin for error

The Anypoint platform allows you to quickly build your application network with user-friendly tools and standard APIs, connectors, pre-built templates, and scale it up whenever the need arises.

With MuleSoft, your organization can make informed and strategic business decisions that align with your goals. PreludeSys’s On-demand solutions will help you with a tailored, seamless transition.

To learn more about MuleSoft and its implementation methods contact one of our MuleSoft experts for a free consultation.

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