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Why business process integration is critical for digital transformation?

16 August 2023

As organizations navigate a competitive landscape, digital transformation has been the codeword and the path to growth and success, especially as the cloud has become preeminent. At the heart of successful digital transformation lies business process integration—the seamless connection and coordination of various business processes, applications, and data across the organization. In this blog post, we will explore why business process integration is a critical factor that drives and achieves a successful digital transformation.

Unlocking data is crucial for Digital Transformation

Data is a critical component that unlocks the full potential of technology during digital transformation. Enterprises must identify the data silos and proactively break them down so that the data flow is not hampered. When data flow is disrupted, errors are bound to happen.

The following are some of the Common issues faced by organizations with siloed data: 

Data inconsistencies across the organization

When multiple departments maintain client profiles separately and are shared manually, the likelihood of inaccuracies increases.

Lack of credible client insights

Client relationships are central to doing business in today’s age. Failing to share information about changes to client personnel, business goals, or other critical updates will leave members of your organization without the knowledge they require to serve the clients.

Faulty forecasts

Forecasting is a data-centered science. Without accurate numbers to work with, forecasts are unreliable. When your data flows seamlessly between departments, your enterprise gets better data integrity.

Implementation of BPI Solutions

An experienced Boomi integration partner will usually accomplish BPI using these methods:

API integration

It is the process of sharing data between multiple applications using their respective application programming interfaces (APIs). API integration requires developers to implement and configure the necessary connections.

Native integration

This process usually involves links between software applications to enable seamless data flow. Native integrations are built-in features of the applications, making them easy to set up. Typically, native integration only requires minor adjustments to allow communication between the applications.

Third-party integrations

These integrations are managed by an external platform that hosts applications’ connections. Third-party integrations offer the advantage of centralized management, which includes updates and security patches that may impact existing integrations.

Benefits of BPI in Digital transformation

Business process integration is where the flow of information to optimize your operations is streamlined.

These are the benefits of BPI.

Enhancing Data Quality

Organizations experience an annual average loss of $12.9 million due to poor data quality. Integrating data across departments, platforms, and functions through BPI improves data quality. Tools like Boomi Master Data Hub centralize data governance, which ensures a single source of truth.

Increasing Efficiency

Managing the vast volume of data generated worldwide requires efficient data flow. As you switch between apps and different departments for data, it slows down workflows and wastes resources. BPI enables employees to access the required data promptly and boosts productivity.

Automating Workflows

Many repetitive tasks in business operations can be automated. Routine tasks such as customer intake, order processing, and data searches can be easily automated by connecting CRM and logistics software. This reduces manual effort and enables efficient operations.

Scalability and Flexibility

Digital transformation is not a one-time event but an ongoing journey. Business process integration allows organizations to build scalable, flexible systems that adapt to dynamic business needs. Integrated processes and systems enable businesses to respond to market demands quickly, introduce new products or services, and easily expand into new markets. This flexibility and agility are crucial in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

Unlock the potential of your digital transformation with Boomi iPaaS’s business process integration capabilities.

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