Top 10 Business Benefits You Can Achieve With Cloud Migration

14 June 2021

With the constantly changing customer needs and fluctuating market scenarios, businesses need to update the way they function regularly, modernize the tools and technologies they use, train their resources frequently, and above all, be more competitive in the market. All these changes cannot be made easily or quickly which is why businesses should adopt a solution that could overcome most of the above-mentioned challenges.

‘Cloud’ is no more a buzzword as it is adopted and relied on by several organizations irrespective of their size and domain to accelerate their digital transformation process.

Gartner predicts that the worldwide public cloud service revenues are expected to reach more than $330 billion by 2022.

Migrating to the cloud enables a seamless, security-centric, and cost-optimized approach for organizations and enterprises and improves their performance continuously. Migrating to the cloud means businesses can expect a plethora of significant advantages that will help not only temporarily but also in the long run.

Let’s discuss the business benefits of cloud migration.

Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Migration

1. Data Security

End-users could be hesitant to use a public cloud space as they tend to be worried that their data is stored along with other users. Major cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure have come up with more secured and private cloud facilities that allow these organizations to store their data in a restricted space accessible for selected users only. These cloud providers ensure that they handle security issues proactively and regularly update the security mechanisms.

2. Operational Efficiency

Cloud migration allows IT teams to combine their cloud applications and on-premises systems and integrate their apps to other systems and repositories. Integration of these business apps in the cloud provides organizations with a list of business benefits like comprehensive access, a holistic view of their data, and improved connectivity, internal communication, operational efficiency, and customer service.

3. Cloud Flexibility

Huge chunks of data can mean nothing if they cannot be accessed or utilized. This is why storing the data on the cloud is crucial for businesses. Unlike on-premise storage devices, cloud storage is more flexible and open to store and accommodate large volumes of data and allows users to adjust according to site traffic, gain insights, and boost customer satisfaction. Along with these benefits, IT teams can easily restore their lost data in case of any disaster.

4. Resource Scalability

As the cloud enables businesses to avail of computing resources on-demand, they can easily upscale or downscale resources based on current needs. Without interrupting the day-to-day operations cloud migration helps to increase or decrease the IT resources and services based on the requirements. All this can be done without having to spend any expensive amount on IT systems.

5. Multi-Tenant Resource Pooling

Cloud migration services enable using a multi-tenant model where multiple users share the resources without being exposed to security risks. Since the resources are isolated from each user, the users can access and use the same resource without having to wait. This multi-tenant resource pooling service is comparatively cheaper and makes the deploying updates task to a mass group of customers a lot easier.

6. Deploy Applications/Services

Migration to the cloud means that there is no need to update the operating system or set up data centres to deploy applications and services. Organizations can easily avail the resources on-demand and the whole deployment process becomes much faster in the cloud when compared to building and deploying new on-premise IT infrastructure.

7. Business Continuity

Disasters like data centre outages or local power outages can no longer impact your business since cloud computing is well prepared to meet those difficult times. When applications and data are stored on the cloud platform, it makes it easier for enterprises and organizations to implement robust business continuity plan with cost-efficient disaster recovery solutions.

8. IT Infrastructure Maintenance

Businesses can run their applications and store data in an environment managed by cloud service providers that eliminate the need for resources to upkeep IT infrastructure. This means organizations can avoid spending money on buying and maintaining hardware devices and the IT teams can spend more time on core operations like database management and other operational tasks.

9. Employee Collaboration

Cloud migration helps businesses operate in a distributed work environment and work with remote employees, allowing them to access applications regardless of where they are. The employees can be able to access, edit, share, work together on the same data simultaneously without any discrepancies. This results in better collaboration of the team members of a project or organization and enhances productivity.

10. Pay-Per-Use Service

Purchasing and maintaining hardware devices is expensive and almost consume most of the budget. This is often difficult for small and medium-sized companies as they have to spend on something as expensive as this. Cloud migration comes to the rescue for organizations as there are unlimited resources, devices, tools, and software available on the cloud. This cloud service is based on the pay-per-use model where the customers have to pay only for the service they need or use.

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