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Top 10 Things You Can Achieve With AI Chatbots

14 June 2021

Chatbots have transformed the way how businesses communicate with their customers. The reason for the change is the surge in on-demand messaging. 35% of consumers globally want their companies to use chatbots. Deploying tailored AI chatbots to your brand helps enrich the customer experience by quickly connecting them to what they need while maintaining complete customer data control.

Today, many businesses integrate chatbots into their processes and automate customer communication by leveraging Azure bot services to improve communication strategy and offer superior customer service.

Using chatbots has numerous benefits, and the top 10 are listed here for you:

Top 10 Things You Can Achieve With Azure AI Chatbots

1. Transform Enterprise Communication

Since people spend most of their hours working, bots can be used to automate tasks such as arranging meetings, website traffic tracking, providing advanced search functionality, changing/querying records, etc. These actions can be time-consuming for humans but instantaneous for bots.

2. Empower Customers To Self-Serve

Recent research by Helpshift reveals that most customers dread when reaching out to the customer support team. Some people find that phone calls are inconvenient, while others find them frustrating and time-consuming. The same survey also discovered that “71% of consumers want the ability to solve most customer service issues on their own”. Intelligent bots can increase the self-service of queries with deep AI and machine learning capabilities.

3. Improve Response and Resolution Time

Deploying chatbots eliminates waiting hours because when customers have issues with your product/service, they’ll quickly lose patience when it cannot be rectified timely. With AI bots, when customers need assistance, your company can be there, even outside business hours. Automating query resolution can help address customer needs in a matter of seconds. Moreover, 67% of queries are repetitive, and the bot can naturally converse in 100+ languages; you can fasten query resolution time.

4. Understand the Intent of Customer Queries

The bots inbuilt with machine learning capabilities understand customer’s thought processes with sentiment analysis, intent prediction, etc. This capability of the chatbots enables customers to feel their voice is being heard and understood. Chatbots are flexible, and businesses can use them to help people with sales information, technical support, or accounts management.

5. Empower Employees to do High-Value Work

You can save massively by slashing the time your staff spends handling customer queries by deploying a chatbot. When you cut down human interaction across all channels –  phone calls, emails, social media, etc. employees can focus on work that boosts business productivity and increases profits. So you can divert up to 70% of call center traffic freeing up employees to do productive works, save person-hours, and increase $$$$ with the messaging-first approach.

6. Boost Customer Engagement with Voice Bots

Chatbots can elevate brand value and improve customer engagement by analyzing their past interactions, feedback and then using them effectively to personalize their interactions. You can even deploy bots with capabilities like emotional AI, synthetic voice, and human-like content switching to boost customer engagement.

7. Have Seamless Cross Channels Conversations

You can integrate bots across different channels of your organization – website, social media, IoT devices, etc.- and broaden how customers can reach you. This makes your company available to customers round the clock and enables them to have seamless interaction at any time.

8. Timely Include Human Agents in the Loop

AI chatbot can predict customers’ behavior, interpret their intent and sentiment with machine learning capabilities, and knows when to bring in a human agent. For example, customer escalations, help desk triage, etc. kind of scenarios cannot be handled by bots completely without human interruptions. In those cases, bots hand over the control to customer support staff.

9. Automate FAQs and Repetitive Queries

Mundane tasks can be dull and draining for people, but a bot will never complain. Recurring and time-consuming tasks like scheduling weekly meetings, sending email notifications, reminding customers about their abandoned carts, responding to customer inquiries, etc., can be automated, saving time and hassle.

10. Drive Sales and improve ROI

AI chatbots can help grow your business by reaching out to more people and increasing your customer base. From marketing to sales, customer service, chatbots can help improve every operation of your company. For example, the bots can create a focused pipeline with lead qualification, push prospects down the marketing funnel by guiding them through every aspect, personalize customer interactions offering shopping recommendations, etc., and improve ROI by 97%.

Are you looking to implement AI chatbots but don’t know where to start?

With over decades of experience and an expert team with real hands-on experience in AI and machine learning techniques, we help you build intelligent, enterprise-grade chatbots by leveraging Azure cognitive and bot development services.

We continuously work to make a difference to our customer’s brands. We can personalize the AI bot to fit your requirements.

PreludeSys tailor-make your AI bots

Our tailored AI chatbots can be deployed in any cloud or on-premises environment, wherever you need it. To make your every interaction more productive and hassle-free, we understand your channels, applications, and devices and then custom-design your chat interface with which you can

  • train your AI chatbot on 1000s of responses over 100s of queries
  • get 95% accuracy rate when responding to customer queries
  • drastically improve query resolution time by 99%

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