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29 November 2021

The need for legacy app modernization now

A few years back, businesses were not completely sold on the prospect of moving historically reliable applications to a modern digital platform. Many have taken the challenge, many others have held back. But times have changed with technology evolution. The aging applications and outdated technology infrastructure have forced businesses to revamp their mission-critical applications and upgrade the technology stack for improved efficiency and better performance.

App modernization is not just about technology refreshment; it offers a new lease on life for your business operations.  

A lot of businesses today find it challenging to manage their age-old legacy applications. The outdated operational models do not fit the latest technology requirements, and finding qualified talent for primitive code is nearly impossible. Businesses are constantly evolving, and the changing market structure and customer requirements have driven enterprises to adapt to the latest technology. Having an obsolete legacy system for your day-to-day business operations could be the biggest threat in today’s digital world. It is time to upgrade or reconfigure your legacy systems to enjoy new technology’s fruits and ensure business continuity.

Are you still operating with a legacy system? Here are a few potential risk factors that need to be evaluated.

  • Outdated legacy infrastructure
  • High support and maintenance costs
  • Poor performance and compatibility issues
  • Data inconsistency and inflexible workflow
  • Security risks and substandard user experience

It is essential for businesses today to ensure that their outdated technology infrastructure does not hinder business growth. The sooner you revamp your legacy systems, the better you can adapt to future technology changes. Experts suggest that app modernization is the first and most critical step in your digital transformation journey. Modernization promotes a more cohesive structuring of your business operations and offers scope for innovation.  Despite this, a large number of enterprises are still reluctant to revamp their legacy systems. This hesitancy could be detrimental in the long run.

Here are some of the key business benefits of legacy app modernization:

  • Access to cloud computing solutions
  • Scope for integrations
  • Better application stability
  • Improved data security

Devising an application modernization objective is crucial

Though app modernization offers a competitive edge to businesses, several challenges and doubts remain. Several enterprises still consider that revamping a business-critical application may pose many technical challenges that will be hard to overcome. What you need is a clear modernization roadmap. Moreover, it is not that the entire legacy system gets swapped with a new application; there are instances where you only require a few technology tweaks to upgrade your legacy systems.

Preludesys, your application modernization partner

An experienced application modernization partner like PreludeSys can help you navigate a path to success. We have a skilled pool of modernization experts who analyze your existing legacy systems and determine the best solutions.

We help improve your business capabilities and breathe new life into your legacy systems. Our custom app modernization services include various tools and methodologies that will transform your legacy apps into more agile and efficient.

Our unique service models will let you choose the best-fit solution for your modernization journey. Unlike other modernization partners, we don’t force you to revamp your legacy apps entirely unless there’s a definite need for it. We assess your current legacy applications and systems to define a clear modernization objective and recommend the right-fit solutions.

A glimpse of our solution models

Whenever businesses hear the buzzword app modernization, they right away think it is a process of getting rid of your old systems and replacing them with new applications. This is not the case. Every legacy system differs from one another, which is one of the main reasons we have two different solutions for your varied requirements.

  • QuickStart Solution

QuickStart is a solution that can solve your minor technology roadblocks and is accessible in your budget. A few minor tweaks and your legacy application will be perfectly okay to perform your business operations. It is an efficient alternative to the complete revamp model; minimal complications and maximum efficiency!

  • The complete implementation

This solution model will help with a complete upgrade or full revamp of your outdated legacy systems. Considered as a standard solution model, the entire implementation model offers you diverse modernization strategies (rehost, refactor, rearchitect, rebuild or replace) to choose from. A complete makeover of your legacy application!

Whether you need minor technology tweaks or an entire legacy application modernization, we have the expertise and experience. Click here to learn more about our solutions, modernization approach, and how our app modernization services stand out from the rest.

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