Say Goodbye to Legacy Apps. The Need for Application Modernization is now!

15 November 2021

Be digital-ready with application modernization

Long gone are the days of conventional business models and monotonous workflows. Businesses have continuously evolved with the technological shifts—to keep pace lest they become obsolete. The digital age of business operations has forced enterprises to expand their boundaries of innovation and be ready for the next digital wave.

Legacy application modernization is one of these. More than a buzzword, it has been a transformative initiative undertaken by many forward-thinking companies as they improve their ability to streamline operations and add competitive value to the underpinnings of their business. As an integral part of today’s business landscape, legacy application modernization helps companies take a giant leap into digital transformation. 

As the downsides of the traditional operational model started to create more bottlenecks, enterprises were left with no other option but to modernize and move their legacy systems to the cloud infrastructure. In many cases, this work was technically arduous, time-consuming, and costly. It is no easy task to unpack and re-model years of patched-up code. But the need for business continuity and sustainability justified the move. Adapt, modernize, or be left behind.

The heightened need for application modernization

Difficult to maintain old code base—compute systems (hardware) are slow, unscalable, and the engineers who wrote and maintain the code are literally disappearing. Soon it will be nearly impossible to fix a code break or add new features.

Customers—both B2B and consumers—demand a different interface and response from a business, quick turnaround, easy purchase, and so forth. All the things you get with online business today.

Mainframe or other server-based computing models (older infrastructure) are ill-suited to an online hosting model that could save money.

But times have changed, and so has technology. The aging applications and outdated technology infrastructure have forced businesses to revamp their business-critical applications and upgrade the technology stack for improved efficiency and better performance.

Businesses must align their operational model with the changing customer requirements. Even if your legacy systems may work fine today, there’ll soon be a time when you will be forced to upgrade your legacy apps to meet the technology changes.

Maintaining a legacy application in today’s technology landscape is extremely cost-prohibitive. Moreover, despite spending a lot on tech upgrades and minor fixes, how long will your legacy systems be viable? As the technical difficulties of maintaining legacy systems keep piling up, businesses will witness a massive deterioration in the operational efficiency of their business-critical applications.

Application modernization can save up to 30% of your infrastructure costs and power your business forward!

  • The recent Market Research report from MarketsAndMarkets reveals that the application modernization services’ global market size is expected to grow from USD 11.4 billion in 2020 to USD 24.8 billion by 2025. A mammoth technology transition is unfolding, and it’s the right time to step in!
  • Gartner’s study reveals that 57% of enterprises have modernized their operational models to future-proof their legacy applications and adapt to the latest technology changes.

Legacy modernization – A catalyst for the future

Considered the heart of digital transformation, application modernization helps enterprises reposition their core business operations and paves the way for a seamless digital transition. Legacy application modernization does not just let you replace your outdated apps but completely transform your business operations to be digitally ready.

  • It helps you to shift from a conventional business model to a digital-ready operational model that is more efficient and agile.
  • Being digital-ready means new opportunities for business growth. Legacy application modernization acts as a catalyst to expand your brand’s online presence and unravel new business mediums in the future.
  • The next-gen operational models are already here, and enterprises that adhere to those salient models can ensure business continuity without any operational disruptions. By modernizing your legacy apps, you get to revamp your operational models, improve the overall efficiency of your business operations, and be adaptive to the technology changes of tomorrow.
  • From upgrading IT infrastructure and digitizing customer journeys to intelligent process automation, and data-assisted business models, legacy application modernization shapes your business to be a perfect fit for the digital business world.

Be at the forefront of digital adoption with legacy app modernization!

PreludeSys—your legacy application modernization partner

An experienced application modernization partner like PreludeSys can help you navigate a path to success. We have a skilled pool of modernization experts who analyze your existing legacy systems and determine the best solutions.

We take time to understand the technical constraints and operational impediments posed by your aging applications and infrastructure before devising the solution models. We will revamp your operating model and business workflows to align with the changing technology requirements. We move your business-critical apps to the cloud to improve the mobility and accessibility of your apps and enable them to be future-ready.

We promise digital adoption at its best by eliminating the hardware dependencies, upgrading the IT stack, and modernizing the business-critical apps. We help improve your business capabilities and breathe new life into your legacy systems with the right set of tools, platforms, and strategies.

Application modernization powers your business

Be it minor technology tweaks or an entire legacy application modernization, we have the answer for you. Click here to know more about our solution models, application modernization approach, and how our application modernization services stand out from the rest.

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