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The future of integration: Leveraging Boomi AI for more intelligent workflows

16 August 2023

As businesses strive for greater efficiency, the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in integration has become increasingly important. Boomi, one of the pioneers of automated and intelligent connectivity, has recently announced the launch of Boomi AI—a first-of-its-kind, generative AI that simplifies user experience and integrates applications, data, and processes across the organization, creating positive business outcomes.

The Evolution of Integration

A traditional systems integration approach often involved manual coding and complex mapping, resulting in time-consuming and error-prone processes. With advancements in AI technology, Boomi has revolutionized how enterprises handle data integration. They have been keen on solving this problem for some time. Boomi introduced Boomi Suggest 12 years ago, which guided users to build integrations and aided in data transformations.

Re-inventing the integration journey

Boomi’s latest AI-led integration is once again disrupting the integration market. Its generative AI wizard draws on over 20 TB of metadata to build the integrations customer describe in their answers. Boomi AI integration is a significant leap toward the evolution of integration and automation. Below are several major capabilities of Boomi AI that enterprises can apply for smarter workflows.

Design and automate the integration process

Boomi helps users to design connections, integration processes, and APIs through quick and simple commands. It also analyses previous data models and compares them to master data models considering best practices from other successful use cases.

Proactive optimization

Boomi AI’s actionable insights allow users to solve problems proactively. It facilitates predictive maintenance, automates essential updates, and even allocates optimal resources to self-manage the software. For instance, a simple data attribute change in Salesforce can be applied across all the systems in your organization through just a single command which greatly reduces repetition.

Enhances data quality

Data quality is crucial for informed decision-making and reliable business operations. Boomi AI for smarter workflows ensures data quality and governance by applying intelligent algorithms to cleanse, validate, and enrich data. When you leverage AI-powered data management, organizations can eliminate inconsistencies, identify anomalies, and maintain data integrity across their systems.

Enrich the user experience

With Boomi AI, enterprises can automate systems to connect and orchestrate the integration processes across different applications. As a result, enterprises can save valuable time and eliminate payment delays, resulting in higher vendor and employee satisfaction.

Intelligent data mapping

Mapping data fields between different systems is a critical aspect of integration. Boomi simplifies this process by leveraging machine learning algorithms to automatically map data elements, which reduces the need for manual intervention. With intelligent mapping and transformation capabilities, organizations can accelerate integration projects and decrease time-to-value.

The future of integration will be driven by two important strategies: harness the power of AI and leverage intelligent automation to drive smarter workflows. Boomi AtomSphere, with its AI-driven capabilities, is at the forefront of this integration revolution. With Boomi AI, organizations can enhance data quality, streamline processes, and unlock new growth opportunities. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, organizations that adopt AI-powered integration solutions will be well-equipped to thrive in the era of intelligent workflows.

A business that leverages Boomi AI can unlock the true potential of its integration initiatives and pave the way for a more connected and efficient future.

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