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How To Choose The Right Integration Partner For Your Business

4 June 2021

Your entire business requirements, security, scalability as your business grows, long-term plans and new feature/innovation update should come under consideration while choosing a partner for the integration of system/applications.

For many medium-sized and enterprise organizations, integration has been a painful act as it affects the entire business operations and their client’s business value. So in order to communicate efficiently between your systems and different applications, an integration platform is a crucial one.  

The Importance of iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) Implementation in Business

With the implementation of an iPaaS integration platform to your business helps to manage the entire business operation and allows to connect cloud-based and on-premise to synchronize data.

iPaaS integration enables you to streamline and improve the workflow of your business operations irrespective of systems and platforms.

Though there are a huge number of integration platform providers in the market, one has to be in the par understanding of their business requirement and size of the organization.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right Integration Partner


Right Integration Partner

Regardless of organization size and industry, one common element is to diminish the silos of business operation and sync in processes to grow. An iPaaS implementation has been considered as an extra tech advancement to control and manage entire business operations from one hub.

Capability To Achieve Integration Goals

The integration platform you tend to implement needs to be simple to connect, sync, integratable and focus seamless management. A potential iPaaS solution has to fulfill the company’s integration needs by delivering capabilities and features such as;

  • Centralized Dashboard, analytics & reporting goals,
  • Bulk Data Processing,
  • Data Mapping,
  • Pre-built and customizable connectors.

Scalable As the Business Grows

While choosing an iPaaS integration platform, scalability is one such significant factor you need to consider though you need to scale your business as it grows. The iPaaS solution that you chose for smaller organizations should be the same platform that delivers integration to enterprise organizations.

With a highly scalable integration platform, there won’t be any need to sacrifice your business performance by adding any additional application or third-party functionalities.

Security At Its Par

Security is one of the most concerning factors among organizations where all your internal connections are across SaaS, cloud, On-premises and other tools and systems. An integration platform must offer security features and functionalities such as intruder alerts, standardized access, automatic token system, reporting tools and many more.

Compatibility with Feature Updates

As there would be frequent updates and feature addition in your application or system, the integration platform should possess compatibility with all your applications that are focused on different industry variants.

Usability for Every Need

The iPaaS solution you partner with must possess easy integration, intuitive design with drag-and-drop UIs. An easy interface simplifies your overall integration process and efficiency. On the other hand, the iPaaS platform should support pre-built integrations, templates and frameworks that get your process done at a fast pace.

Last but Prime Factor – Pricing

The pricing factors solely depend on the volume and size of your organization and also the integration needs. The solution has to deliver solid ROI with the tools you need to succeed with integration goals.

As a solution expert, I would recommend you choose the integration partner that provides monthly fee pricing or a pay-as-you-go model that keeps you consistent with pricing even though you need to scale as your business grows.     

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