Fast-to-market, plug-and-play, extensible Quick start and solution accelerator

Our many years of data handling experience have helped us engineer dedicated offerings for Power BI users to reduce their time to market and simplify reporting—our Quick start and Accelerator solution. The goal is to reduce the reporting time from several days to instant reports with even better accuracy, efficiency, and reliability.

With pre-built data models and template reports repositories, businesses can have instant access to various reports that may not be available in their organization. Decision-makers would leverage the extra value from the immediate time-to-market information, especially considering the low development effort.

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Our Solution Model

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Benefits to customers

  • Pre-built data models save a huge amount of time
  • Template reports give the flexibility to tap every business use case
  • Ready-to-use reports deliver immediate insights
  • Plug-and-play solution offers extensibility and versatility