Quick Benefits of App Modernization through Microservices

20 May 2021

Microservices is the most popular approach to modernize business-critical applications that enable organizations to improve time to market, with maximum efficiency and minimal/no disruptions to the existing system.

Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Microservices For Legacy App Modernization
  • Productive Teams

Microservices are independent elements that help code developers become attuned to their codebases, resolve issues faster, and enable better in-group communication.

  • Independent Deployment

Since each service is deployed independently, outages in any segment will less likely bring down the entire application.

  • Continuous Deployment

During the deployment process, developers don’t need to coordinate local changes enabling continuous deployment, saving time and resources.

  • Scalable Components

Microservices allow you to scale the part with performance issues, unlike scaling all the components together in a monolithic architecture.

  • Most Fitting Technology

Since microservices are self-encapsulated, it gives developers more freedom to choose the best framework, programming language, tools, etc., for each service.

  • Phased Implementation

With the microservice architecture, you canisolate a small part from your existing application and replace it with a microservice.

  • Avoid Reimplementation

You can break the monolith into pieces, identify one or more defined functional chunks, and create them as microservices.

  • New Functionalities

Once you have created microservices for business functions, you can add new features and functionalities to them at any point in time.

  • Quick Resolution

Even if some services are down, it will not be noticeable to clients as the team can quickly fix the problems.

Modernization – The key to innovation

Enterprises have started their modernization journey, and the results are astounding. Modernize your legacy application the way you want and change the face of your business operations. We are a Microsoft Partner with more than two decades of experience in offering innovative solutions by leveraging cloud, mobility, analytics, and artificial intelligence. With an adept panel of modernization experts and a unique modernization approach, we don’t just modernize but add value to your business.

Interested in knowing how?

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