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Prelude Matrix-Power BI custom visual

16 August 2023

Power BI Matrix

Power BI is a business intelligence tool that enables users to visualize data from various sources. A key visualization component in Power BI is the Matrix, a table-like visual that allows users to display data in rows and columns. The Power BI Matrix is highly customizable, allowing users to format and organize data in various ways. Users can drag and drop fields to the rows and columns of the Matrix and add measures to display data in the cells.

Features of the Power BI Matrix include

Drill-down capability: Drill down into specific data points by expanding rows or columns.

Sorting and filtering: Sort data in ascending or descending order and filter data based on specific criteria.

Conditional formatting: Apply conditional formatting to identify trends and outliers easily.

Subtotals and grand totals: Add subtotals and grand totals to the Matrix and analyze data at different levels of granularity.

Exporting and sharing: Export Matrix to various formats, such as Excel or PDF, and share the reports with others through Power BI’s collaboration features.

Prelude Matrix

PreludeSys has customized the Power BI Matrix, enabling business users to gain insights into their data and make better-informed decisions. We have added new features and customized the existing ones to overcome the limitations of the Power BI Matrix.

Feature List

  • Column and row headers: We have customized the column and row headers in the Power BI Matrix by changing their font size, color, and style. Users can also add custom text to the headers to provide additional context.
  • Data labels: Users can customize the data labels and format labels to display currency symbols, percentage signs, or other types of formatting.
  • Conditional formatting: The Prelude Matrix allows users to set rules and change the appearance of data based on certain conditions. For example, you can use red color for negative numbers.
  • Measures: Users can add measures to the Prelude Matrix to display data in the cells. You can customize measures with different formatting options and perform calculations on the data.
  • Drill-down capability: The Prelude Matrix allows users to drill down into specific data points by expanding rows or columns. This feature provides users with more detailed information for granular-level analysis.
  • Negative value formatting: Negative value formatting is a Prelude Matrix feature that allows users to customize the appearance of negative numbers in their data. By default, negative numbers are displayed in the Matrix with a minus sign (-) before the number. However, users can apply formatting options to make negative numbers stand out more clearly and improve readability. With negative value formatting, users can enhance data readability, identify negative trends, and gain insights into their data.

Here are some ways users can format negative values in the Prelude Matrix:

Parentheses: You can display negative values in parentheses instead of a minus sign. This makes it easier to distinguish negative values from positive ones.

Color: You can apply color formatting to negative numbers, making them stand out from positive numbers. For example, they can use red text or red background to highlight negative numbers.

  • Zero value formatting: Zero-value formatting allows users to customize the appearance of cells that contain zero values in their data. By default, cells with zero values display a simple dash (-) or a zero (0), depending on the formatting settings. With Prelude Matrix zero-value formatting, users can improve the readability of their data and identify cases where data may be missing or needs further investigation.

Here are some ways users can format zero values in the Prelude Matrix:

Custom symbols: You can use custom symbols to represent zero values, such as a dash or a zero. This can help to distinguish zero values from other numbers in the Matrix and make them stand out more clearly.

Text formatting: You can apply text formatting options such as bold or italic to zero values. This can draw attention to zero values and make them more prominent in the Matrix.

Conditional formatting: You can apply conditional formatting to zero values, similar to negative value formatting, to display them in a different color or symbol to indicate that the value is zero.

Expand/Collapse column by default: Expand or collapse columns by default allows you to expand columns in the Matrix. By default, columns are expanded when you open a report, but with this feature, you can choose to collapse columns to improve the readability of your data.

This feature is helpful for reports with many columns where the default expansion can make it harder to navigate and analyze the data. By collapsing the columns, you can more easily navigate the Matrix and focus on the most relevant data for their analysis.

Six custom color pane: A Six custom color pane allows you to apply custom color formatting to your data. With this feature, you can choose up to six custom colors to represent specific data points, making it easier to identify and analyze data trends. Custom colors can represent different categories, such as regions, products, or periods, making spotting trends across multiple dimensions easy.

Once the custom colors are set, you can assign them to specific data points by using the Field pane. You can select a field and choose which custom color you want to apply.

Features comparison between Power BI Matrix and Prelude Matrix

Feature MS Power BI Matrix Prelude Matrix
Data handling Handles up to 1.2 million data Optimized data retrieval performance.Initially displays 500 rows. Displays the next 500 rows on successive clicks.
Expand/Collapse Functionality available only for rows Functionality available for rows and columns
Custom style N/A Six custom-style sets for rows and columns. (Phase 2 – up to 10 custom styles)
Zero formatting N/A Available
Negative value formatting N/A Available
Decimal value formatting N/A Available
Conditional Formatting Yes. Limited option for numbers. Could not add multiple conditional formatting options for numbers. Here, user can add multiple conditional formatting on numbers in the Matrix.

Final thoughts

Prelude Matrix is more powerful than the Power BI Matrix on a number of levels. It enables users to display and analyze data in rows and columns and Prelude Matrix’s robust customization capabilities allow business stakeholders to gain deeper insights into their data and make better-informed decisions. Partner with the experts at PreludeSys and make your transition as smooth as possible. If you are ready to explore our Power BI custom visual, reach out to us.

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