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Power BI features that make it a powerhouse

13 March 2023

Power BI is a revolutionary business intelligence tool that helps companies transform raw data into actionable insight, enabling better decision-making. With features such as data transformation, storage, querying, analytics, and visualization, Power BI is a one-stop solution for all the data analytics-related operations of a business.

With that said, there is more to Power BI than meets the eye. With shareable and interactive dashboards, Power BI solutions make it simple for businesses to collaborate on strategy-building. Every feature and characteristic of this Microsoft service is designed to improve business processes related to data analytics.

Let’s understand why Power BI is truly a revolutionary data analytics solution for businesses.

Reasons why Power BI solutions are revolutionary

Power BI solutions can be coupled with other Microsoft services, making it a robust data analytics solution, even for enterprise-level requirements. The key features and reasons that make Power BI an industry-leading business intelligence tool are listed below.

Key features that make Power BI powerful

Advanced AI

The AI capability in Power BI enables businesses to extract deeper insights from their data and make more informed decisions. Its associated machine-learning techniques automate and streamline traditionally time-consuming tasks, such as detecting patterns, identifying trends, and predicting future outcomes. This AI-driven solution elevates data visualization and analysis within the Power BI platform. It incorporates advanced features, such as Text Analytics and Vision, that provide comprehensive text and image analysis. Furthermore, its integration with Azure Machine Learning expands users’ analysis capabilities, simplifying complex data modeling and insight generation.

AI Visuals

AI-powered visuals and capabilities such as Key influencers, Decomposition Tree, Distribution Change in Bar Chart and Q&A are available for Power BI users. These AI Insights gain access to a collection of pre-trained machine learning models that enhance your data preparation efforts. 

Seamless integration

Power BI’s versatile integration capabilities empower organizations with a unified data-driven strategy and equip them with tools to streamline workflows. Power BI can easily connect with several business-critical applications such as Salesforce, Dynamics 365, ServiceNow, Oracle, and SAP to pull data for analytics with its various pre-built connectors. By integrating these services, business stakeholders can instantly access valuable insights, generate interactive reports, and make informed decisions within their preferred platform. In turn, this minimizes distractions and increases productivity.

Quick Insights

Quick Insights is a useful feature in Power BI that allows users to create subsets from an existing dataset. Quick Insights then applies analytics and visualizations to this subset, providing insight generation and data presentation flexibility.

Integration APIs

Every business requires analytics dashboards at different locations across the enterprise. With Power BI, users get access to integration APIs that provide sample application code, allowing the Power BI dashboards to be embedded into an organization’s other applications or software.

Self-service data preparation

Power Query, a highly touted feature of Power BI, allows users to pull data from disparate sources, transform it, enrich it with Power Query tools, and feed it into Power BI for analytics. The better the quality of input data, the more accurate and precise the results.

Common data model

Power BI supports a standardized and complex data model that allows supporting applications to share data. This diversified nature of data schemas enables Power BI to work with different attributes, entities, and data relationships. Analysts can group objects with common attributes, isolate the subject areas and generate separate diagrams, and modify the properties of the models.

Shared dashboard for teamwork

Dashboard collaboration is another feature that makes Power BI one of the best data analytics tools. In addition to embedding dashboards in other software, the insights can be shared easily with collaboration tools and app support.

Cortana integration

Microsoft’s official voice assistant, Cortana, can verbally query the Power BI data. This function comes in handy when the user is remote and typically working from a mobile phone. In addition, the support for natural language processing helps reduce querying time.

Power BI solutions for business for accurate insights

Power BI packs a solid data analytics architecture in a user-friendly bundle of tools and services. Complex operations—anomaly detection and data enrichment—are simplified with AI-enabled data processing capabilities.

Power BI’s capabilities can be retrofitted for a business’s specific requirements with the help of expert implementation partners like PreludeSys. We provide seamless implementation with minimal disruptions and help configure Power BI—with its integrations and dashboard customizations—to fit the specific needs of a business.

To learn more about Power BI solutions and their implementation with high efficiencies, visit PreludeSys.

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