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Power BI Features that Enable a High-Workplace Culture

24 August 2021

Microsoft Power BI is a modern data analytics and reporting service that revolutionizes the way businesses are done. It has enabled us to tap into previously undiscoverable data and drive business to greater heights faster than ever. Incorporating new analysis and reporting techniques, Power BI has managed to bridge many gaps unidentified by traditional approaches.

Microsoft Power BI is not a tool that is simply offering advanced data analytics. Instead, it is designed to optimize business operations and promote a more business-friendly workplace culture.

But before we move ahead and check out how Power BI is making high-workplace culture possible, it is crucial to have an idea about what it is.

What is High-Workplace Culture?

High-workplace culture is an ideology that helps organizations to achieve business goals with a higher level of efficiency. In addition, it instills a feeling of responsibility among the workforce, driving up growth and client retention.

Features of High-Workplace Culture

  • Strong and progressive-minded leaders
  • Empowered and engaged employees
  • Continued learning and workforce development
  • Quick adaption to changes and upgrades

Power BI – Address Modern Business Goals with Seamless Collaboration

Data drive today’s world of businesses. Newer approaches to data analytics and reporting structures help open new possibilities and achieve business goals with a higher efficiency level. But Microsoft Power BI is not just a tool that makes operations more straightforward. Instead, it promotes a coherent work culture suited for the times by empowering the workforce with advanced tools to achieve targets working together.

Reinventing Workforce Collaboration

In the world of rapidly developing workplaces, the need for collaboration has become increasingly essential. As a result, companies are choosing to deploy professionals with specialized expertise with high collaborative attitudes.

Power BI is a service made for organizations looking to implement high-workplace cultures among their professionals. It enables different specialized teams to stay connected and access updated data quickly to develop informed and efficient strategies.

Microsoft Power BI and Teams Integration Improves Collaboration

Daily work life has changed drastically over the years. Today, it relies more on staying connected and collaborate efficiently from the office and also remotely. Power BI integration with Microsoft Teams enables the entire workforce to work as one coherent unit towards the common organizational goals.

Collaboration majorly involves two or more professionals working on the same document or files to achieve goals faster. Using Power BI with MS Teams makes it easier for the workforce to access the essential data in a single click. Power BI workspaces enable teams to

  • Share ownership and work collaboratively
  • Manage dashboards to get a high-level view of performance
  • Develop reports and share insights within the team
  • Access databases to fetch required information

All these can be done remotely from anywhere yet ensures the workflow is never interrupted. Power BI also allows dashboard customization to meet organizational requirements. Furthermore, optimizing dashboards based on business reports makes operational optimization a lot easier and more seamless.

Sharing reports is also an essential part of today’s data-driven daily work. Power BI makes it easier to share reports within the organization, especially when using Office 365 group. Grant the necessary permission, and that’s it. Everyone added to the group can refer to the reports as per convenience and get work done.

But, sharing reports using Power BI is not only limited to the organization. It can also be programmed to share reports with clients or third-party teams related to the projects.

Power BI features and functionalities – Reasons why Power BI is an industry leader

Power BI is loaded with rich data visualization and analytics features that help meet both self-service and enterprise BI need on a single platform. You can turn your data into a competitive advantage by using Power BI to connect, combine and analyze your entire data estate. Since Power BI can be deployed both on-premise and cloud, it enables users to consolidate data from multiple sources, evaluate data, make interactive dashboards and create informative reports that can be shared with other users. 

Listed below are the features of Power BI

Here are a few Power BI features and benefits that make Power BI stand out with distribution capabilities and integration into other Microsoft services and products, making it a good choice for your organization. The Power BI goal is to acquire and transform large volumes of raw data into meaningful information to meet business analysis needs and develop new strategic opportunities.

1. Data source

The ‘Get Data’ feature in Power BI lets users connect to various data sources. These data sources can be on-premise, cloud-based, structured, or unstructured. New data sources are added every month. Excel, PDF, CSV/Text, JSON, XML, Oracle, Azure, SQL Server, etc., are some of the already available data sources.

2. Range of visualizations

The central role of Power BI is the visual representation of data. It offers a range of attractive and detailed visualizations to represent your datasets. You can create reports or dashboards, and there is also a library available for custom visualizations. Some of the visualizations are bar chart, column chart, line chart, donut chart, area chart, funnel chart, map, filled map, etc.

3. Informative reports

Reports in Power BI have different visualizations relevant to the business topic. A report shows a complete representation of data in different ways that reveal important insights from the data. These reports created on Power BI can be easily shared with other users. 

4. Customizable dashboards

Power BI dashboards are composed of multiple visualizations as tiles that are nothing but single pages from the reports. Dashboards are a collection of visualizations that offer meaningful insights into data. The dashboards can be both printed and shared.

5. Datasets

Dataset is created by taking data from single or multiple data sources. These datasets can be used to create different kinds of visualizations. The datasets can be filtered into smaller subsets containing only the important data and contextual references. Power BI has many in-built data connectors, such as Excel, Salesforce, MailChimp, etc., to enable users to easily connect to such data sources and create datasets. 

6. Tiles

A tile is nothing but a single block containing visualization in a Power BI dashboard that segregates each informative visualization properly to provide a clear view. These tiles can be adjusted and changed in size. The tiles can be relocated anywhere on the dashboard based on the user’s convenience. 

7. Navigation pane

The navigation pane has different dashboards, reports, and datasets options to enable users to conveniently work on Power BI by easily navigating between datasets, dashboards, or reports. 

8. DAX function

The DAX function is the data analysis expressions in Power BI that are predefined codes to perform analytics functions on data. As of now, there are about 200 functions in the Power BI function library, and the creators keep adding new ones. 

9. Natural language Q & A

This is a unique feature of Power BI using which users can ask questions in natural language to search for information available in the Power BI system. The cognitive engines of Power BI will search for the data, dashboard, or report and return it to the user. The cognitive technology uses autofill, rephrasing, suggestions, and other techniques to fulfill users’ search requirements. 

10. Help and Feedback buttons

Help and Feedback buttons are used for multiple purposes, such as giving feedback to the Power BI team, asking for support and assistance, downloading, etc. 

How Microsoft Power BI Empowers the Workforce

1. Simpler & Flexible Analytics

One of the most significant benefits of Power BI is the ability to use its features without any technical knowledge. Tutorials are available in abundance and can be used by anyone to get started.

2. Minimize Time & Effort

Power BI – designed to offer real-time data eliminating the need for constant human interventions to update reports. It can be programmed to fetch and refer to essential metrics and update itself on its own.

3. Simpler Sharing

No data intelligence and reporting platform are complete without advanced and straightforward sharing options. Power BI makes it easier to share relevant information with associated teams and interested parties with just a few clicks. One can also develop custom reports for groups based on their KRAs, nullifying the need to scroll through long documents just for a small section.

4. Adaptable To Individual Roles

Power BI is a highly versatile data analytics and reporting platform made for professionals in every vertical. Power BI has features to empower professionals in various roles from sales to data analytics and communications departments.

5. Access Data On-The-Go

Microsoft Power BI is not just available on laptops or desktops; instead, it is available on multiple platforms. One can access it from PCs or mobile devices, both Android and iOS, making it easier to stay connected with the workforce remotely from anywhere.

Power BI is a data analytics and reporting software to support the modern high-workplace culture by employee empowerment. Not requiring any prior technical knowledge enables employees in various roles to get started quickly.

Build a High-Workplace Culture using Power BI with PreludeSys

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