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Get the most out of Salesforce NetSuite Integration with Jitterbit

12 January 2021

Get the most out of Salesforce NetSuite Integration with Jitterbit

Businesses invest in ERP and CRM for many reasons, like automating several key processes keep more accurate records, and to minimize errors. The ERP and CRM platforms help businesses operate efficiently to better their relationships with customers. Though there are a range of ERP and CRM platforms available globally, NetSuite ERP and Salesforce CRM are well-known solutions for businesses. With the evolution of integration capabilities, organizations are moving ahead to integrate CRM and ERP modules for a seamless process and customer experience.

What is NetSuite ERP and Salesforce CRM?

NetSuite ERP is a cloud ERP solution that provides automation for both front and back-office processes, including financial management, revenue management, tracking fixed assets, monitoring order management, billing, and inventory management. NetSuite ERP provides an entire organization with a clear view of important performance indicators and reports.

Salesforce CRM is a cloud-based platform that provides customer relationship management for businesses. It supercharges every part of a company. It is considered a perfect cloud-based CRM solution for enhancing marketing, sales, and customer service. With Salesforce CRM, businesses will be able to improve their marketing capabilities and provide better service to customers.

Salesforce NetSuite Integration

NetSuite and Salesforce are both industries’ leading SaaS providers. As a CRM, Salesforce has sophisticated features in handling everything from lead generation to cash flows, while NetSuite is celebrated for its key capabilities with financial and accounting modules. And that is the reason why most businesses prefer using both platforms. Both the solution is great by itself, but it will enable a business to become more successful when integrated.

Top benefits of NetSuite and  Salesforce Integration

  • Real-Time Inventory Monitoring

Inventory management is the primary factor; if a customer finds that a product is unavailable after ordering, it will take a toll on your brand value and trust factor. It is of high importance to know the availability of stock to ensure that your customers have a better experience. NetSuite Salesforce integration allows your organization to have better inventory management that builds loyalty among customers.

  • Reliable and Consistent Data Update

Since data is a very primary asset, every speck has to be updated immediately for easy accessibility and decision making. The availability of Data Mountains makes the organization end up with a lengthy and inefficient process using a traditional manual data entry process. NetSuite Salesforce integration helps businesses keep their data up to date and eliminate errors that impact the entire business operation.

  • Easy Data Access and Quick Decision Making

Undoubtedly, waiting long hours to get information from every department will have an adverse impact on decision making. Any information should be easily available for anyone from C-level executives, managers, and the sales team for seamless business operations. By integration NetSuite ERP and Salesforce CRM, you will save a lot of time, make decisions faster, and also put your focus on other key business operations instead.

  • Sales to Delivery Process Automation

NetSuite ERP Salesforce CRM integration allows better quotes and order management. This equips your sales and marketing team to inform customers of any changes. The Salesforce CRM and NetSuite ERP integration allow sales teams to understand the business’s revenues and debts.

  • Maximize Sales and Accounting Efficiency 

Many organizations love NetSuite and Salesforce, but it can result in data silos. Any information ranging from the account, orders, prices, quotes, invoices, financials, and much more needs to be interchanged between the sales and accounting departments. NetSuite Salesforce integration can help you to eliminate data silos, have a smooth data transaction across departments, and streamline entire business operations.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers never want to wait for a long time over the phone/ in-person to get any required information. NetSuite Salesforce CRM integration reduces the time taken in resolving an issue/ a query. In case of any question/ query raised by the customers, you can connect easily with your customers without checking multiple systems for the required information.

How to integrate NetSuite and Salesforce?

When it comes to NetSuite Salesforce integration, many organizations often face major challenges. Though NetSuite offers greater benefits when integrated with Salesforce, it is quite cumbersome and time-consuming. While there are many ways to integrate, NetSuite Salesforce integration by a third-party integration provider is one of the most suitable, flexible, and cost-effective integration ‘choices.

Why choose a third-party vendor for NetSuite Salesforce Integration?

Integration by third-party vendors can help you,

  • Gain flexibility in the connection between various source and target applications
  • Easily mapping the data fields at each integration point
  • Achieve the desired data formats by writing conditions, rules, and using inbuilt functions.
  • Sequential and conditional execution of workflows
  • Seamlessly automate business activities between departments
  • Timely audit, error handling, and security
  • Prompt debugging by integration experts.

Are you are concerned about choosing the right platform? we are here to help you.

Jitterbit is one of the best cloud-based API integration platforms for application integration. It comes with rich features, speed, and flexibility needed for successful cloud integration. Jitterbit platform can enable you to extract the best out of your NetSuite and Salesforce investment. Being one of the leading enterprise integration partners with industry expertise, we ensure you a successful NetSuite Salesforce integration solution and help you become more efficient with the enhanced technological solutions offered by Salesforce and NetSuite.

If you would like to know more about NetSuite Salesforce Integration or would know to explore more about your integration initiatives, Reach out to our expert team!

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