Why MuleSoft and How MuleSoft Partners Can Help with Business Integration?

28 October 2022


Businesses need a wide variety of applications to perform routine business tasks. MuleSoft is a cloud integration platform that empowers organizations to integrate applications, data, and services across clouds, mobile devices, and on premise systems. What sets MuleSoft apart from other iPaaS platforms is its unique ability to utilize APIs to gain greater visibility and governance over operations and accelerate the integration of different business processes.

First, let us understand how MuleSoft functions and then learn how MuleSoft can add value to your business.

MuleSoft is an integration platform that seamlessly combines data, applications, and devices with the company network to create a connected organization. Moreover, the platform has a simple drag-and-drop interface for creating integrations and pre-built connectors for popular applications and data sources.

Unique Features of MuleSoft

The following are several powerful features of the MuleSoft platform:

  • Open source and API-based enterprise-grade solution.
  • Secure by default, i.e., no need for SSL certificates in most cases.
  • Flexible deployment options include on premise private networks or public cloud infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Role of a MuleSoft Partner

The job of a MuleSoft partner is to support a business with a full spectrum of services delivering top-of-the-line MuleSoft integrations. Partners engage with the key organization stakeholders to explore and understand the business processes to build and design the application network using MuleSoft.

How does a MuleSoft Partner Help in Business Integration?

MuleSoft partners will learn about your business process and try to incorporate your business objectives into developing a customized MuleSoft strategy to accelerate digital transformation. 

Get Real-Time Access to Data.

Whether it is on premise or cloud, MuleSoft partners integrate your infrastructure to help businesses get a real-time view of the data to offer valuable consumer insights and metrics.

Unleash the Unlimited API Potential

MuleSoft, through a network of partners, has harnessed the power of API-based integration to help enterprises function seamlessly, even within an organization with many units. 

PreludeSys is a certified MuleSoft partner that delivers tailor-made enterprise integration services; it is a core strength. From connecting databases to creating APIs, PreludeSys’s expert team helps customers evolve into digitally connected modern-day business entities. 

Here are several critical services through which MuleSoft partners, such as PreludeSys, empower business integration

1. Managing MuleSoft Platform 

A MuleSoft partner will help you manage all your APIs from one central location. You get access to a single-control plane that allows you to function flexibly with good visibility. Since you can now access any API created by any team at any location, your applications can be delivered directly faster. This means your organization can swiftly connect with your customers. 

2. Process Management

Besides managing the MuleSoft platform, a partner will also manage the API lifecycles end-to-end and provide maintenance and support. In addition, the partner addresses and escalates the red flags immediately through a robust framework of daily reports. 

3. Troubleshooting

The MuleSoft partner will further help troubleshoot issues wherever required. It does so by analyzing the root cause, escalating issues wherever necessary, and finally, resolving them. 

Businesses can further benefit from a MuleSoft partnership in the following ways:

  1. Use the integrated MuleSoft multi-server to speed up data transfer and manage their finances more efficiently.
  2. Engage with customers efficiently, and conveniently.
  3. Share data or enable inter-departmental interactions without custom coding or manual processes. 

Such integrations can reduce costs by up to 80%. It also gives you access to MuleSoft’s growing library of pre-built templates and apps (B2B App Hub). In addition, you can use the API catalog with over 1,000 APIs across 25 categories (banking and finance and business intelligence and analytics).

How does MuleSoft Implementation Work?

The MuleSoft community comprises many developers who build customized integrations and solutions for the MuleSoft platform. This community creates an ecosystem where customers can find integrations to interconnect their own software systems and further join them to their partners’ applications.

The following is an example of how MuleSoft integration can be used:

Suppose an enterprise sells a product through its SAP ERP system. It needs to know the volume it sells through retail compared to its direct sales channels (e-commerce, call center). The company uses Salesforce for CRM purposes. However, the sales volume data is unavailable here because it is only stored on the SAP ERP system. 

In this instance, using MuleSoft’s Salesforce Connector, the company can export data from their ERP system into Salesforce and have all sales information in one place. Hence, there is no need to manually copy information from one source to another every time there is an update.

Final Thoughts

We have seen how businesses can benefit from integrating legacy systems with modern APIs. Your organization can reap the benefits of a robust and secure iPaaS solution by choosing the correct integration partner.

Connect with experts from PreludeSys to kick-start your MuleSoft integration today!

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