MuleSoft API Integration – Why You Should Do It – With PreludeSys

19 April 2022

2022 has arrived, and the adoption of new technologies has kept pace; digital transformation has become relatively mainstream. However, you still see businesses running to play catch-up. As behemoths set the benchmarks, other businesses are inspired to follow suit and integrate enterprise themselves. While trying to restructure environments to eclipse business objectives, prioritizing connected experiences and efficiency seems like a smart move.

Speaking of benchmarks, the 2021 connectivity benchmark report concluded that enterprises are welcoming APIs in integration projects with open arms. Enterprises generate 27% of their revenue from API and relative implementations. However—and this is important—only one in three applications are integrated:

  • Fifty-three percent of enterprises utilize and manage around 800 applications.
  • Forty-three percent deploy more than a thousand applications.

The average lifespan of any one of these applications is about four years. As you may surmise, utilizing a thousand applications is an expensive habit to sustain; but fortunately, there are ways you can do something about it. Read: Why MuleSoft integration is the right choice for your business, to learn more.

In this blog we will brief you about:

  • An integration strategy: You may need one.
  • API-led Connectivity: Why choose this path?
  • The Synergy of MuleSoft with PreludeSys

Integration Strategy: What Is It?

Integration is the process of combining multiple systems in an enterprise to work as one unit. Likewise, an integration strategy refers to the blueprint a team of integration experts design to deliver on business integration objectives. Speaking of experts, PreludeSys is an enterprise integration service provider with:

  • A team of integration specialists harboring 42 active integration certificates —and growing.
  • Strategic partnership with MuleSoft.
  • Tons of experience executing successful integrations for large and small businesses across an assortment of industries.

While choosing between integration strategies, weigh the possible courses of action that each one would provide—maybe even create a checklist of attributes— and select the one that proves most beneficial for your organization. One such course of action would be API-led connectivity; see below. Get in touch with an expert to learn more about your options and which one is most suitable for your enterprise.

API-led Connectivity: Why choose this path?

The API-led approach has become an increasingly popular strategy because the reformed technologies that enterprises are using tend to need APIs. Systems need to be integrated with APIs to unlock revenue streams, perceive customers better, and innovate quickly.

An API-led approach to IT projects makes sure you have:

  • Built reusable assets that will save your organization time and money.
  • Put together an infrastructure designed for governance, allowing you to manage a superset of API products in your organization.
  • Constructed multiple layer security against attacks.
  • Met the needs of your business.
  • Completed your first projects on time and within budget.

As mentioned in the points above, once you’ve created the assets for your first project, you can repurpose them. With your newly reformed organizational capabilities, you can jog briskly on your first project and sprint on your second.

It’s evident that this approach frees a lot of resources, providing you with the time and opportunities to innovate and scale.

When compared to legacy or homegrown solutions, MuleSoft users concluded that the upswing in speed and agility—provided by API-led connectivity—multiplied project completion speeds three to five times and magnified team productivity by three hundred percent.

The Synergy of MuleSoft with PreludeSys

When paired with PreludeSys, MuleSoft will empower your organization to drive performance, expedite operations, and surge ROI effortlessly.

PreludeSys is a MuleSoft certified integration partner, providing top-of-the-class integration experiences for enterprises across industries, sizes, and the globe. PreludeSys offers customer-centric integration services such as On-Demand Services, allowing you to invest minimally where you pay only for the services you opt for. Integrations will be highly personalized, incredibly convenient, and enterprise-friendly. Organizations that have made the leap are thrilled with the results of API integration.

If you’re ready to take the digital transformation leap, we have a team of highly capable integration experts—with more than 42 active integration certifications—on a mission to provide you with an effortless integration.

If you think we’ve left something out, if you wish to add something, or if you have any queries, do write to us. We would love to hear from you, and we’ll get back to you at the earliest.

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