Characteristics to look for in an integration platform to meet modern integration needs

24 June 2020

With customer expectations from businesses evolving quite fast, organizations are rushing to get digitally transformed for better and faster innovation. Just when we thought that we have succeeded in meeting the challenges of modernizing the legacy systems, there comes another challenge in the form of enterprise integration needs. Though the traditional integration architecture is centralized, it cannot keep up with the demand required for digital transformation with the huge volume of data that keeps growing. With an already existing on-premise environment and the newly developed cloud environment, the requirement for scalability and agile development as well as the need for a hybrid IT has reached a new level. This is where iPaaS or integration platforms come into the picture. Though there are some well-known integration platforms, Boomi integration platform stands out with its extensive features that can enable you to complete your enterprise integration seamlessly by meeting all the modern integration needs.

Characteristics to look for in an integration platform to meet modern integration needs

If you are searching for the best integration platform, here is something that can work as a simple and quick checklist that can help you decide easily. The best integration platform should meet all or as many criteria as possible from the below list –

  • Cloud-Native: The integration platform needs to be cloud-native to provide you with all the benefits of cloud that includes scalability, design patterns, and high availability.
  • Open: The integration platform that you choose should not restrict you from using cloud platforms and applications from specific vendors only. The integration platform should be open to connecting efficiently with the myriad of data sources and applications.
  • Distributed architecture: Integration platform should be able to integrate entire enterprise across on-premise and multi-cloud environments effectively. It has to support the ever-increasing data volume.
  • Low-code: The amount of effort and time that you need to spend on integration is critical. That is why you need a low-code integration platform that can help you reduce the time spent on the integration applications and the data while being able to efficiently perform the integration.
  • Unified: Since your integration needs require support within your organization and across the business network, your integration platform should be able to provide access to your data from anywhere, anytime, using any device with centralized management.

Why Boomi is the best iPaaS?

As per Gartner, Boomi integration platform is the leader when it comes to the integration platform as a service (iPaas) technology. Boomi integration platform is packed with all the characteristics that we look for in an Integration platform for our enterprise. Boomi integration platform is a scalable, multi-tenant platform that supports cloud, on-premise, and hybrid IT environments. It uses the cloud platform and an agent engine named ‘Atom’ to connect with cloud and on-premise applications seamlessly. While adapting to different operating environments, Boomi iPaaS also comes with an easy and quick way to make low-code integrations without any need to install a separate development environment.

Boomi integration platform becomes the best choice for many organizations that are looking out for an integration partner because of the various sophisticated benefits and features. PreludeSys is a Certified Boomi Implementation Partner specialized in enterprise-grade solutions for a variety of integration needs with strategic execution methodology and resources. Book a consultation appointment today with our experts

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