How MuleSoft Modernizes Your Microsoft Environments With Agile Enterprise Integrations?

28 May 2021

Every company is more or less inclined as a software company or an IT infrastructure where the results are slightly dependent on how well the technologies are strategized to achieve the business goal.

The hyper-competitive business environment urges organizations to stay synchronized, aligned to accept the challenges of ever-evolving business operations. So by increasing the speed and agility between the IT infrastructure and SaaS applications, most organizations can tackle challenges.  

Integrating your on-prem and cloud applications with other SaaS products helps to connect the overall business operations. Connecting your Microsoft solutions with your existing applications gets the job done faster and reduces additional investment on connectors.

One-stop Platform To Integrate All Your Microsoft Products

Right from sales, development, cloud, and connectivity, Microsoft solutions play a huge role in business processing for enterprise organizations. Since it’s a universal product, integrating the Azure apps with other existing or in-house systems is complex and challenging.

Internal migration or integration can often be applicable and transferrable to clouds but integrating external systems requires strategic planning along with implementation services such as iPaaS and data migration.

Challenges of Microsoft Products Integration With Existing Systems

  • Planning for integration points and reorganizing the technology teams to streamline cloud availability.
  • Data storage facilities and securing sensitive data are significant factors that affect enterprises while encountering the migration of data.
  • Increase of downtime since the integration might take too long. Regular testing of integrations can the processor easier.
  • The migration of larger business apps from the cloud and on-prem into a single business unit is complex.

There’s quite a lot of complexities and challenges but still, there’s a way to carry out the entire integration processes of Microsoft using a cloud-native SaaP platform, MuleSoft.

Unlock the True Potential of Investment in Microsoft With MuleSoft

The MuleSoft, a platform that makes enterprise organizations connect applications, devices, and data through cloud-enabled integration technologies. It’s an all-in-one hybrid integration platform designed to migrate and integrate cloud applications, IT infrastructure, Systems led with API connectivity.

Leverage Anypoint Platform for Microsoft Products

Anypoint platform solves the biggest challenges for enterprise in the connectivity of platforms across SaaS, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), & APIs. It creates an application network of apps, data, and devices to integrate under different business units

  • It delivers undivided connectivity for on-premises and cloud-based apps.
  • It enables to quickly change application network with user-friendly tools, API connectors, & pre-built templates. It creates the lowest friction among the apps.
  • One size platform fits for all purposes. A future-proof platform with a flexible architecture that adapts to all sizes of enterprise and small business Microsoft integration needs.

Highlights of MuleSoft Integration Solution for Microsoft Products

Streamline building integrations

  • With the use of .NET language and tools, you can build integration of apps with the help of Visual Studios and .NET connectors.

Simplify Migrations to the Cloud-native

  • With the help of APIs, you can run legacy and new Microsoft systems to reduce downtime while moving the infrastructure to the cloud.

Maximize Your Overall Investment In MicroSoft products

  • With anypoint platforms, stimulate connectivity with the multiple numbers of Microsoft products such as .NET, SharePoint, Azure, and existing applications effortlessly.

With MuleSoft Discover Business Opportunities for Your Microsoft Products

MuleSoft’s Anypoint platform promises to deliver next-generation enterprise integration possibilities where the enterprise organizations compete with connectivity across Microsoft infrastructure. PreludeSys on the other hand urges enterprise companies to leverage their existing Microsoft IT investment and solve integration challenges through developing robust cloud & API management strategy in partnering with MuleSoft platforms.

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