Why you should use Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services for application development?

4 March 2020

As technologies are getting more intelligent and smarter every day, businesses are vying with each other to explore and reap the benefits. One of the most adopted and favorite among these AI applications is ‘chatbots.’ With Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, chatbots provide quick and smart services in natural language, which ensures a better customer experience. Implementing this artificial intelligence in your applications and websites require robust cloud technologies, right technology expertise as well as development tools. Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services offers AI services and cognitive APIs to help you build intelligent applications. The comprehensive set of pre-built AI capabilities in the Azure cognitive services enables you to build AI solutions with the pre-trained AI models without the need for machine learning (ML) expertise. Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services comes with a series of APIs for Language, Speech, Vision, Search, and Knowledge APIs that would help you build intelligent applications.

So, what makes Azure Cognitive services the best among the AI platforms available?  Why businesses and developers prefer to work with Azure Cognitive Services?  Let’s explore…

Five pillars of the Azure cognitive services

1. Decision APIs to assist you in making quick and smart decisions: The Decision APIs’ Anomaly Detector monitors and lets you detect any abnormalities quickly. The Content Moderator in this API monitors your content to make sure that any offensive or undesirable content is changed. Most importantly, the Personalizer helps you provide personalized and unique experiences to users by learning real-time behavior. With the power of reinforcement learning, Personalizer provides a rich, personalized experience.

2. Language APIs to extract meaningful content through unstructured data: The Language Understanding will empower your application to understand what people need from their own language and provide service in the same language. The Text Analytics, with the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP), does the sentiment analysis and language detection over the raw input. The Translator Text detects and helps you with a text translation for 60 supported languages.

3. Speech APIs to integrate speech processing in your application: With the natural speech-enabled features, the application can transcribe speech to text and convert text to speech. The advanced speech capabilities can accelerate productivity by integrating real-time Speech Translation in your applications. The Speaker Recognition API available in the Speech API provides algorithms to enable the application to identify and verify audio.

4. Vision API for Image, Video or Ink analysis: Vision APIs analyses content in images and help you to customize image recognition based on your business needs. They also detect and identify emotions through Face Recognition. Form Recognizer in the Vision API can accelerate document processing with automated text extraction. Form recognizer also extracts key-value pairs, tables, and text from documents. Ink Recognizer allows your application to recognize any ink, shapes or handwritten data and provides a document with recognized entities. Meanwhile, Video Indexer helps in extracting insights from videos.

5. Web search – Quick, safe, and custom world-wide-web search: Bing Web Search, Autosuggest, Custom Search, Image Search, News Search, Spell Check, and Visual Search makes it easier for the user to zero in on their choice quickly from millions of web searches.

Advantages of using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services

1. Easy Adoption and Minimal development effort: Azure Cognitive Services do not require Machine Learning expertise to build AI solutions. With just a simple API call and pre-trained AI models, you can enable your application with AI capabilities.

2. Cross-platform support: Since the Azure cognitive services support devices and platforms across Windows, iOS, and Android, developers can use any language like C#, Python, Java, Node.js, etc. to easily integrate the technology in their applications.

3. Rich user experiences: The decision services such as the Personalizer and Content Moderator allow you to create better experiences to the users and ensure that any offensive or unwanted content is changed to provide an engaging and intuitive user experience.

4. Extract deeper insights quickly: The Vision API’s computer vision, custom vision, face, form, and ink recognizer help extract deeper insights from any form.

5. Increase efficiency and Accelerates productivity: Vision APIs automated text extraction, Speech APIs, advanced speech capabilities, and natural language interactions support in increasing efficiency and accelerating overall productivity.

6. Enhanced data security: Azure Cognitive Services follows the Strong Azure cloud infrastructure services terms to offer maximum security with over 70 certifications and Virtual network support. Azure Cognitive services also allow their users to manage or delete their data.

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