Stephen Schneider

12 April 2023

Stephen rode the wave of microcomputers in the early 1980’s when he founded a software development company, creating Legal Assistant, an MS-DOS based law office management program. He then founded Med-Legal in 1986 with his father, Warren. Stephen continued to write software to help law offices during his 26 years at Med-Legal, including NetLaw on MS-DOS, QuickLaw on Windows in 1993, WorkComp Toolbox, ML Rating software, Auto Impairment Rating (AIR), tools, and more. In 2005 Stephen partnered with PreludeSys and together they pioneered the delivery of excerpts/reviews built into every set of subpoenaed records Med-Legal delivered. Stephen was successful with several patents on the design and technology used to produce the specialized reviews in such volume. Med-Legal pioneered the automation of the EAMS workers compensation management system in 2009 and was the first to be certified as a Third Party e-Filer.

The Schneiders sold Med-Legal in 2012 and no longer have any interest in Med-Legal or any other copy service. Stephen is now focussing on automated document delivery at, where he again co-authored a patent on the technology. Stephen is also owner and CEO of ScanFiles, Inc., focussing on document scanning, daily mail scanning, “data scraping” and automated document recognition and filing called DocuScraper. Stephen is still involved in the California copy service industry and has been a founding member of the Board and Secretary of the California Coalition of Photocopiers (CPP), and is currently pushing solutions to the problem of duplicate medical records within the California workers compensation system.

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