The state of medical advancements directly depends on how well medical data is managed, recorded and interpreted. However, often organizations heave under the pressure of large amounts of disorganized and missing data.

Medical records review services offered by Preludesys ensure patient journeys, intricate notes on case histories and physician interviews & other communication are thoroughly logged, indexed and made available for ongoing assessment.




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Medical Records Review

The simplest answer for in-depth medical care and research is often knowing patient details & data to the finest nuance. This is where medical records reviews come in handy for the healthcare industry.

At PreludeSys, we work with a repeatable 4-step process that ensures dependable assessments and analyses leading to constructive action, every single time.

A chronological tabulation of complaint, diagnosis, treatment plan &

This allows our clients to easily retrieve all demographic &

Spot verification becomes seamless with hyperlinking. Multiple

We carefully sift through hundreds of records to ensure duplicate records representing misinformation are weeded out. The final result is clean & consolidated data that can be used by legal professionals within a record amount of time for claims & redressals.

Medical Scribing

PreludeSys’ medical scribing offerings help busy medical professionals focus on critical patient care. Our expert scribes gather all patient-related information and record it within the Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Physician & patient interactions are recorded to the last detail in

All the data relating to a patient – including past records – are

We take industry best practices rather seriously to offer our

Our firm stand against data breaches & for patient safety means we abide fully by the most relevant policies & acts (including HIPAA).

First-Call Project for Healthcare

Once a client has retrieved vital data including medical records and insurance claims from healthcare centers, past & current employers and insurance companies, our first-call team contacts the client’s agents. Our well-informed and effective first-callers make sure:

  • All informational liaisons & negotiations happen without overburdening the client’s time
  • The client’s agents get all necessary information like case data, important patient journey dates and claims records

Insurance Data Entry

The survival and thriving of insurance companies depend on how well their data is managed. To avoid misrepresentation, misreading and denying or agreeing to claims, error-free insurance data entry is of great importance. At PreludeSys, we handpick our insurance data entry specialists so that they can:

  • Compile data through enhanced classification & organization
  • Capture all the data points in a Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  • Use their knowledge of medical terminology to compile the most critical data
  • Convert the data from image to digital format
  • Perform accurate data management to impact business decisions relavantly

Case Studies

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One of the largest occupational health providers reduces operational costs by 45% using medical records reviews by PreludeSys

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‘Leading information & evidence retrieval firm sees 90% less cognitive burden for end-user following ace medical record review services by PreludeSys

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