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Quick Cloud Integration with Low Code Platform – Boomi Flow

2 November 2020

According to Gartner, by 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity. While the demand for software solutions is on the rise, low-code platforms have become an important way for technology management and enterprise architecture to quickly develop and deliver software by changing traditional platforms’ dimensions.

What is Low-Code Application Development?

Simply put, low-code is a visual approach to software development. Low-code development platforms allow users to create feature-rich applications while eliminating manual programming and automating each step of the application development lifecycle to enable rapid delivery of software solutions. With a low-code platform, developing software solutions are significantly quicker and more intuitive. It also lets you tackle the shortage of skilled developers and meet the increased business demand for software solutions. The adoption of a low-code platform breaks the traditional silos of business and IT to promote continuous collaboration.

Benefits of a Low-Code Application Development Platform

Opting for a low-code application development platform can bring numerous benefits to your application lifecycle. However, we have got a list of benefits that can have an overall impact on your organization.

  • Speed up application development process: According to a 2017 study by the Project Management Institute, nearly half of IT projects are late. Whether it is creating an app or simplifying the development process for coders, low-code development makes it easier to create apps by automating manual processes. The applications built with low-code platforms help organizations become more agile, and the visual design that allows drawing instead of coding can exponentially speed up the development process.
  • Better user experience and improved performance: 44 percent of companies believe that enterprise software’s user experience is significantly worse than consumer software. Having a poor user experience can have an immense effect on your employees’ productivity, efficiency, and motivation. A low-code platform allows users to build more applications quickly.
  • Improved Agility: When using a traditional development approach, making changes to your enterprise software could be long, expensive, and time-consuming. But, with a low-code platform, developing applications and making changes to an application using the low-code application development platform is immediate, time-saving, and cost-effective.
  • Lower IT costs: Forrester Research found that 70 percent of organizations believe that low-code platforms are more affordable than traditional software development. With a low-code platform, you can quickly build a variety of applications without a need for more developers. This helps you develop applications quickly and reduces the IT costs and the hiring costs.
  • Improved IT governance: On an average, employees of one organization built 16,000 different applications after giving them access to the low-code tool. In cases like these, instead of depending on third-party tools, with a low-code platform, you will be able to internally take care of your IT governance. This ensures IT visibility and allows you to respond to changing regulations to help you meet the requirements and stay ahead of deadlines.

Boomi Flow – A Low-Code Application Platform 

Boomi Flow is a low-code platform for applications that allows everyone to build workflow applications without being a software developer. Using the Boomi Flow platform is simple. You simply need to drag and drop a flow diagram, which can be converted into a fully functioning workflow application in the Boomi Flow platform. It is that simple!!

Why Boomi Flow and How Does It Work??

When it comes to application development, every business manager’s problem would be selecting which architecture to use, defining the distribution (devices and channels), who would develop, support, maintain, and upgrade the application. But, all these problems could be solved easily with a single platform, Boomi Flow.

  • Pre-configured components: With the Boomi Flow platform, you can choose from a wide variety of pre-configured options and pre-made components to build applications fast, iteratively, and in an agile way.
  • API-first architecture: One of the most important components of a low-code development platform is its architecture. Boomi Flow uses an API-first architecture to increase flexibility for replacing, improving, and extending the application.
  • Drag and drop interface: A simple drag-and-drop user interface helps you build applications without any code. Anyone without coding knowledge can drag and drop Flow diagrams to set out the app’s business logic.
  • Reduced time and cost: Boomi Flow platform makes your development process simple and saves you more time, and reduces the cost of delivery. Many organizations have found that Boomi’s low-code environment boosts productivity six-fold compared to traditional hard-coding and legacy middleware approaches.
  • Customer requirement: Boomi Flow apps can be customized and scaled effortlessly based on customer requirements. You can customize the way your applications look and add service integrations with popular cloud application platforms.
  • Mobile ready: Boomi Flow can enable you to quickly connect everything from the cloud or on-premise applications to the web, mobile, Internet of Things, analytics, and other systems. You can build applications that are mobile-ready and can work offline.

Implement Boomi Flow for Quick Low-Code Application Development

Boomi Flow is not just a simple low-code platform. It is a single solution that can quickly and easily unite everything in your digital technology foundation to achieve better outcomes, regardless of the type of applications being used.

It is the best low-code platform that can promise you everything you expect from a low-code platform. If you are a business manager and would like to know how you can leverage Boomi Flow for your digital initiatives, Talk to us!!


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