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Legacy Modernization – Transforming the Future Enterprise Today

14 June 2019

Legacy Modernization – Transforming the Future Enterprise Today

Legacy Modernization is the key to your digital transformation success. Digital technologies such as cloud, mobile, and cognitive are creating a world of new opportunities for businesses today, helping companies save millions, creating efficiencies, enhancing quality, and promoting products. However legacy systems don’t always support them and with many skilled workers retiring, legacy systems often become expensive to support—making legacy modernization approach mission-critical.

Legacy Software – Could Cost Your Business a Fortune

The importance of Legacy Modernization services cannot be understated. Organizations that rely on legacy applications face challenges like systems incompatibility, high costs, and a shortage of legacy coders. This impedes their ability to effectively integrate new technologies and processes to solve today’s business requirements. However, many companies continue to use outdated systems, regardless of the age or quality of the underlying technologies.

The software’s been working just fine for decades and is still able to cope with most of its tasks, they argue. Indeed, why fix it if it isn’t broke?

Actually, there are quite a lot of reasons to “fix” your legacy systems. Legacy Modernization services provide long-term as well as immediate benefits such as accelerating Digital Transformation (DX), improving developer productivity, improving operational efficiency and standardization among many others. Take a deeper dive into the Infographics that encapsulate the essence of Application Modernization and how the Azure App Modernization platform gives you the winning edge.

Legacy Modernization Services

Why PreludeSys?

PreludeSys is uniquely positioned to help you plan and implement a low-risk Modernization initiative that’s aligned with your current and future business requirements. At PreludeSys, we bring over 20 years of experience, expertise and tools to help you move forward with confidence and accelerate your legacy modernization efforts using the Azure platform. We can help you develop a detailed roadmap for your Legacy Application Modernization that includes the business scope, objectives and an implementation plan. By giving you in-depth insights into your expected costs, benefits and ROI, we enable you to make informed decisions on legacy modernization strategy and planning. PreludeSys’ skills and experience in Microsoft Azure platform provide unique insights and approaches to modernize your legacy systems with speed, confidence and reduced risk.

Case Studies
  • Leading Manufacturing Company leverages PreludeSys’ expertise to reduce OpEx by 30% and increase app availability to 99.5%. Read Case Study
  • Leading Healthcare giant partnered with PreludeSys to evaluate their Scheduler Application. Read Case Study
  • A leader in Title Insurance and Property tax reporting partnered with PreludeSys to Modernize their Legacy App. Read Case Study

To learn more about how PreludeSys can help you accelerate your Legacy Modernization journey, Talk to our team!

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