Many businesses face the everyday challenge of managing a diverse portfolio of lease documents. In the process, fineprint is not noticed, deadlines are missed and decisions that lean heavily on timing are delayed. In this evolving lease scenario, PreludeSys’ leasing services have persistently ensured data precision, competitive costs, heightened confidentiality and ongoing operational excellence.


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Lease Abstraction Services
Nuanced abstraction for higher operational standards

At PreludeSys, we understand varied industry dynamics and deliver lease abstraction services to help clients make better operational and strategic decisions.

Our re-engineered lease abstraction process helps real estate and non-real estate companies to never lose sight of important deadlines, financial obligations, or payment investigations. Our dedicated lease analysts have helped numerous clients:
  • Boost operational efficiency by reducing overall processing time
  • Save time by reducing repetitive tasks
  • Get updated on new standards and amendments
  • Consolidate data for a granular view of lease information

CAM Reconciliation
Timely forecasts, reduced costs

CAM reconciliation is the annual calculation of CAM charges, which is amongst the most hectic and complex tasks that commercial property owners need to undertake. These charges significantly impact the operating income and cash flow of a business.

At PreludeSys, we help address these challenges by delivering accurate and timely CAM reconciliation services. In addition, we provide an in-depth CAM report uncovering all the underestimated charges to help you avoid future disputes.

Our end-to-end CAM Reconciliation Services Include:
  • Estimating accurate pro-rata share
  • Analyzing and documenting the expenses
  • Validating the CAM fees
  • Generating timely invoices

Lease Auditing
Operating costs, analyzed and optimized

Lease auditing is paramount for real estate management and requires specialists with deep proficiency and industry knowledge. PreludeSys delivers exceptional audit services through a scalable team of experts with comprehensive analytical and financial computation skills. Over time, we’ve backed various kinds of lease audits, regardless of size and complexity.

Our data-driven approach allows us to deliver meaningful and customized audit services based on unique client requirements. Included with our lease auditing service is a verification of all incurred portfolio charges to engender compliance with benchmarks and standards.

Our skilled lease audit services have enabled clients to:
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Analyze risks
  • Improve financial status
  • Maximize ROI

Lease Validation
Property acquisition, made foolproof

A patchwork of lease documents all over the place can prevent a business from accessing vital data or maintaining data hygiene.

At PreludeSys, we validate, store and categorize lease information with robust lease validation strategies performed for enterprise businesses. In time, we’ve ensured a detailed verification process that create 100% accuracy around business, financial and legal information. Carefully conducted sorting, amending and compiling have a long-term impact on acquisitions, budgeting and forecasting.

Our lease validation process involves a number of incremental steps that finally help clients:
  • With dramatically improved data accessibility
  • Achieve the highest standards of quality assurance
  • Minutiae in lease documents being scoped out
  • Quick turnarounds thanks to consistent accuracy

Portfolio Management
Making high-performance portfolios a reality

Manage your real estate portfolio effectively with PreludeSys’s portfolio management offering. Our services enable your organization to focus on high-value activities, which invariably bring in better returns. By supporting you to make decisions around investment mix and asset allocation, we help you maintain overall portfolio fitness.

When you outsource your portfolio management to us, you get access to an expert team that ensures:
  • Data accuracy and precise data-driven insights
  • Benchmarking against the best in the industry
  • Better returns from across your portfolio obligations
  • Seamless activity & performance tracking
  • Access to a single, efficient database with all relevant information


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