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How to Enhance Your Business with Jitterbit Integration?

15 September 2020

In the first place, what is an API? Application Programming Interface (API) is a messenger that enables interaction between data, applications, and devices and ensures seamless communication between various applications and enterprise systems. APIs have gained popularity among businesses with estimates that are more than 16,000 going as high as 50,000. Many companies have benefitted with API in place to help them keep their data in sync and enhance overall productivity and revenue. Our previous blog explains why having an API integration platform in place ensures business process automation. Jitterbit Integration can help you save cost, time, and improve investments in technology. In this blog, we will provide you with the major reasons and factors why choose an API integration for enhancing business.

Reasons for choosing a Jitterbit API Integration Platform for your business

  • Quick and easy creation of New APIs

When it comes to API integration, there are two basic scenarios either you have to use the APIs available through the service provider or create a new API. However, in both comes the challenge of acquiring an API from other sources. It does not only mean it could have limited use or functionality but also it is a difficult and time-consuming process. Jitterbit integration can provide an option where you can build an API from integration with only less effort.

  • Seamlessly connect applications for better collaboration.

Modern companies have varied departments and tasks that need to be handled by many teams. For these teams’ efficient functioning, a company needs to create solutions to work together and handle all the data sets and tasks. With Jitterbit Integration Platform, you can easily connect departments with the best available applications and tools.

  • Make your team more strategic and enhance your team productivity.

API Integration platforms are extremely effective in increasing your technical team’s productivity with better team management and reducing the time consumed in completing a task. API integration platforms do not only improve the productivity of your technical team but also help make a major difference for other departments. It helps develop stacks and also allows non-technical teams to manage and create API. Your team can focus their efforts other than developments on strategic projects, and the need for people needed to keep every department productive is lesser.

  • Connecting all your cloud application using a single platform

With thousands of cloud applications, new technology has become a vital part of all the companies in today’s world. Based on a survey conducted by Forbes, a few years back, an average number of cloud applications in any company is somewhere around 6-8. Now, with the evolution of technologies, the number of cloud applications has become huge. Hence, APIs are the best way to connect with cloud applications. Jitterbit Integration platform can be easily used to communicate with modern cloud APIs. 

  • Extracting Information from Legacy data sources

Most of the company’s older data sets are not in use, and the reason for that lies at accessing it from the storage. API integration platforms can be a come to save companies in these scenarios. Companies can create their own APIs just for internal uses that can enable them to easily extract and use data from their legacy sources and help put them in reuse for business logic and workflows that are currently working.

  • Handle every API as a single entity

In a company, the maintenance of API will be in the IT teams and developers’ hands. Tracking and managing all of these API can be time-consuming and exhausting for the team. API integration platform can make a world of difference in this case. It can simplify the API overview, management, and security processes and reduce their administrative burden.

  • Automation and fraud prevention

With an API integration Platform like Jitterbit, you no longer need to make interpretations manually. API Integration Platform can automate and help you manage all the workflows to enhance your business processes more productive and efficient. When it comes to fraud prevention, API has various security levels depending upon the type of API that you use. It ensures that only authorized personnel have access to the data generated using API.

Reasons for choosing a Jitterbit API Integration Platform for your business.

Enhance your business with Jitterbit Integration

By the above, you would have now known for sure that with an API integration platform in place, you can have the capabilities to integrate new technologies as technology grow and matures effectively. What we have seen in this blog just a few reasons for choosing the Jitterbit Integration Platform.

If you want the Jitterbit API integration platform in place for your integration success or like to explore more about Jitterbit Integration, Reach out to us.

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