Gain Strategic Benefits Through PreludeSys On-demand Services.

30 August 2021

Modern businesses thrive in a digital realm, which requires them to juggle different applications and systems every day. As a result, all the technologies and applications related to the business process must function cohesively, which is one of the reasons why Enterprise Integration has become the norm and the standard for today’s organizations. With integration, enterprises can use high-powered IT systems to integrate their business applications and data into a single system enabling easier management and maintenance.

PreludeSys is a global integration partner specializing in offering enterprise-based solutions for all integration needs. We have partnered with reputed integration platforms like MuleSoft, Boomi, Jitterbit, and Microsoft to deliver cost-effective integration solutions that will help your enterprise increase productivity, achieve business agility, and accelerate your digital transformation journey. 

Our On-demand Service Approach:

Our unique On-demand services are ideal for both on-site and offsite integrations. PreludeSys On-site integration model focuses on the outsourcing option that is geographically near to your organization. Our on-site integration model allows you to work with the native teams with no hindrance in communication. In comparison, our offshore/offsite integrations would cost you less and may even get you a better result. Choosing these models of deployment depends on your choice and the scope of the project. In addition, our services are fine-tuned to enable organizations to transform themselves, making it simpler to adapt their applications and technologies on the cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments.

  • Observation & Assessment

We observe the current IT environment and assess the mission-critical elements based on the client’s requirements. Furthermore, we analyze the processes frequently for detecting unscrupulous errors.

  • Configuration & Deployment

We initiate the changes in the environment by setting up the platform plugins. Then, we build & deploy customized workflows in the cloud account.

  • Monitor & Debug

Our team will implement custom logging frameworks and error handling methods. We debug issues instantly based on the notifications. 

  • Support & Maintenance

 Post-project support will be provided with adequate knowledge transfer to improve the existing environment and handle any iterations and fix codes.

How Will You Benefit From Our On-demand Service Model?

PreludeSys understands many organizations’ issues, so we have devised a service model to help enterprises get the best returns. Our On-demand service model provides a complete package without any obligation for long-term commitments or expensive contracts. Our expertise allows our technical team to perform any task remotely. Our clients are required to pay only for the services they need & utilize. This service model below offers critical solutions for some vital issues that trouble most enterprises.  

Quick Deployment – Advanced Scalability – Transparent operations – Instant Availability – Remote Access – Flexible Pricing

Quick Deployment – Rapid allocation of resources

Advanced Scalability – Enhanced abilities to scale up/down as per needs

Transparent Ops – All the operations are transparent and conducted with your view.

Instant availability – All the services are SLA defined with 24/7 support 

Remote Access – Complete accessibility to geographically assigned cloud solutions.

Flexible Pricing – Every service is charged individually and as per requirement only. 

Why Choose PreludeSys?

  • Improved productivity with reusable frameworks for standard services
  • Strategic engagements – maturity models, the center of excellence, architecture consulting.
  • Offshore development teams to explore new ideas – PoCs, pilot approaches.
  • 24×7 monitoring & support services

We have successfully helped enterprises in managing and deploying efficient ODS models. In addition, clients have benefitted from our standardized, quantified approach to data and application integration. You can learn more about our ODS model here. 

If you want to get more information about our integration services, please reach out to us.

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