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How to Solve Challenges in IT Services with Enterprise Integration

16 October 2020

With an ever-increasing number of applications, endpoints, and users, the need for an integrated solution becomes mission-critical for large organizations. Challenges in the form of rebooting errors, scale-related outages and unforeseen delays, that are common across the IT landscape, can be resolved through integrated solutions with iPaaS . Enterprise integration is an architecture that connects all your data, applications, and devices across the organization and helps you solve IT challenges swiftly. Let’s take a look at some of the critical challenges that can be solved with an integrated solution.

Major challenges and Integrated solutions for the IT Industry with iPaaS Solutions

Simplify Legacy System Modernization

Legacy modernization is updating all or some of your IT stack to align with current needs to support your business goals better. Yet, it is not as simple as it may sound. It can be a daunting task with all the consolidation, automation, and optimization required for a successful transition.

But, when an iPaaS solution hits your legacy system modernization process, the game changes. Enterprise integration can help you integrate all the apps, devices, databases, and on-premise systems with less/no code quickly.

Accelerate Digital Transformation with iPaaS

With myriad applications running together on cloud and on premise, real-time integration becomes crucial. By adopting iPaaS, you can meet the high-volume demands of mobile, extract, transform and load (ETL), electronic data interchange (EDI) environments and accelerate your digital transformation journey irrespective of the size and line of your business. Unlike any other traditional enterprise integration solution, the iPaaS solution can provide you with an ideal and efficient solution for your digital transformation that is capable of handling different types and formats of data.

Enable a Seamless System Integration

Integrating disparate applications and systems is one of the major pain points for an IT professional. Since system integration deals with multiple applications running on various platforms from different locations in an organization, it becomes complex.

The biggest advantage an iPaaS can offer is easier system integration. By creating data integration flows and connecting various applications without the need for custom code, iPaaS can help you meet your integration needs. Also, the APIs, connectors, and templates can be reused thereby reducing the implementation time and increasing reliability.

Ensure data compliance and prevent cyber attacks

Data is a critical asset for any organization. During the integration process, IT engineers move large amounts of data into a cloud integration platform. There will be a large dataflow to the platform for integration. iPaaS can handle the volume, velocity, and variety of big data integration requirements and has advanced security and governance features that can offer better security and data compliance.

Keep up with technology at an affordable cost

There is always a continuous change to the technological environment; to keep pace, IT engineers must continue analyzing and developing new technology solutions for their organization to sustain in the market. However, cost reduction is a fundamental aspect of any business. With an iPaaS solution, you can connect your applications in minutes and maintain the connected data without incurring a large up-front investment. With enterprise integration, you can ease out your transformation process by reducing unnecessary workload and costs.

Enterprise integration for IT Industry

Choosing the Right Enterprise Integration strategy for your Industry

A seamless legacy system modernization and digital transformation process is tough albeit essential. Because of the multiple applications and complicated system integration processes, IT professionals have to deal with many bottlenecks. With enterprise integration, you can ease your IT tasks and safeguard your entire digital transformation journey. You will be able to attain your integration needs at minimal cost with no code or less code.

But, there’s a catch. Implementing iPaaS is not easy. To experience enterprise integration benefits, you need the right strategy in place that suits your organizational requirements.

At PreludeSys, we have an expert team who can understand your business needs and help you with selecting the right strategy that fits your business needs. Our expertise can accelerate your integration projects to help you manage your data at a faster pace. If you would like to know more about enterprise integration and leverage iPaaS for your integration needs, talk to us!

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