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Important Aspects about Boomi AtomSphere Platform

11 August 2023

Boomi is a 100% cloud-native integration platform used for building cloud-based, hybrid, and on-premise integrations. It supports real-time integration that can scale on demand for high-volume requirements. It also facilitates extended master data management (MDM) and offers multiple platform extension capabilities. For efficient data transfer between the cloud and on-premise applications, the Boomi AtomSphere platform allows users to design cloud-based integration processes called Atoms—hence the name AtomSphere for their cloud integration.

To understand better, we have compiled the critical aspects of Boomi AtomSphere platform

  • Native connectors

To integrate source and target systems, the Boomi integration platform utilizes connectors, which are packaged as API drivers. Users can configure and utilize these connectors in the Boomi environment without requiring programming effort. Pre-built connectors are available for many cloud environments, such as Salesforce and Netsuite. There are additional connectors for all the major database management systems, such as Oracle, SQLServer, and MYSQL.

  • Templates and reusable components

For standard integrations, Boomi has prepared templates called Boomi Process Library. Users can download, install, and configure these templates for the integrated accounts. However, the designers of the Boomi integration platform had reusability in mind while designing the majority of its components.

Hence, developers can reuse and share some custom components with other developers for different applications.

  • Drag-and-drop UI

A key differentiator for Boomi is its straightforward user interface. This user interface is 100% browser-based and allows for quick drag-and-drop integrations. Little or no programming is required and users can log in from anywhere without special tools.

  • Hybrid Data integration

Boomi integrates almost any business application due to its hybrid nature. This facilitates a highly productive cloud-native environment that supports all applications and data integration needs in a diverse IT landscape.

Additional notable benefits include:

  1. Offers complete support for all essential integrations and communication patterns such as application-to-application, real-time events and data-driven web services, ETL integrations, and streaming services.
  2. Effective one-click deployment with a single, unified reporting console helps in application management and comes with a rollback and version control.
  • Efficient B2B management

Boomi’s well-known functionality is EDI management which helps nurture effective B2B communications. In addition, you can manage any trading or business partner network through Boomi’s secure platform. Its safe and scalable cloud-native platform deploys traditional EDI and advanced web services to accelerate and streamline your business process. Some of its features are:

  1. UI with pre-built processes with mapping tools and trading partner framework to update and speed the B2B integration process.
  2. Comprehensive support for EDI standards EDIFACT, X12, and Tradacoms EDI documentation supports the trading partner’s communication requirements such as FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, and SFTP.
  3. Swift, easy onboarding of trading partners that supports any transaction volume.
  4. Uses the same visual integration configuration and data mapping services of AtomSphere, thus avoiding confusion for the trading partners.
  • Enhanced API design and management

Boomi offers one of the most efficient methods to extract data from one application and shape it to the required format. The extracted data can be loaded into another application – known as ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load).

With ETL, the Boomi integration platform offers a highly scalable cloud-native platform that manages and empowers the database with API interaction. Its features include:

  1. Provides enriched customer experiences which satisfy industry-aligned data needs.
  2. Creates composite applications across multiple data sources to unlock legacy system data and modernize the existing business applications. New applications take the form of web services.
  3. Accelerates deployment of APIs anywhere, either on-premises or in cloud devices and other gateway devices.
  • Dynamic Master Data Hub

Boomi AtomSphere serves as the master data hub for the welfare of an entire business operation. It allows your business to evaluate the data from one application and then break it down into data silos to make the whole process successful. Boomi also enables you to represent your data consistently without losing its value.

It comes with distinct features such as:

  1. Modifying the data into an easy model to match, cleanse and synchronize the same across multiple domains.
  2. Bi-directional data sync helps not only with data validation but also in data enrichment.
  3. A master data hub follows a unified data management strategy that includes data governance control, application integration, and domain-specific data quality services.
  • Complete workflow automation and app Development

Boomi flow offers a low-code development platform that automates complex workflows to drive your business process with excellent efficacy. It also gives users the ability to extend their data integration from workflow-based business applications to online or offline web portals. The integration platform comes with appropriate features such as:

  1. Create and deploy workflow automation using a modern, cloud-native platform
  2. Automate the business processes with direct approvals from individual stakeholders and other departments.
  3. Unified sign-in experience enables users to use single username and password to access the platform and Flow.

The Boomi cloud platform explains essential aspects and critical elements that help make the integration process more beneficial.

Do you want to improve your customer’s journey through improved, low-code development? Then take the services of a proficient Boomi consultant.

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