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Impact of MuleSoft’s API-based platform on the healthcare industry

15 March 2023

Healthcare plays a significant role in modern society by offering advanced and pre-emptive services to patients. To provide a holistic approach to patient care, hospitals worldwide integrated their services. Integrated healthcare is a unique approach characterized by close communication and collaboration between doctors and healthcare professionals. This amalgamated healthcare system allows all the doctors to work together to solve issues with the patient’s physical, mental, and behavioral health. Many integration software services have specialized their offerings specifically for healthcare.

MuleSoft Anypoint platform is transforming the way healthcare is delivered and managed. It starts from the point of care to payment, insurance, and reimbursement, contributing to positive patient outcomes and increased efficacy. Instead of functioning in silos, each doctor and medical professional contributes toward the overall care. Physicians, nurses, practitioners, physician assistants, psychologists, and other health professionals must work together for better health outcomes. MuleSoft makes this possible through connected patient experience, which allows providers to connect with their patients, and across healthcare systems in new ways.

This blog will explore how MuleSoft’s API-driven platform improves healthcare services.

How do MuleSoft’s APIs assist healthcare companies?

MuleSoft’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) empower healthcare companies to create new applications and improve how existing IT infrastructure works together.

Healthcare APIs create new ways for service providers to engage and connect with their patients through the web, mobile, and social applications. By developing internal APIs, healthcare companies can offer their employees and partners new, unique tools to streamline operations and give patients a higher quality of life. Here are the ways MuleSoft’s highly efficient API system assists the healthcare industries.

Delivers accurate patient information quickly

MuleSoft’s API-based platform allows hospitals and doctors to update patient information quickly, which enables them to interact with them for better services seamlessly. In addition, health applications enable APIs, which help patients collect and report health data—for instance, a person with high blood pressure—so doctors have access to more information when making diagnoses. APIs also facilitate the recording and management of physician-reported data and the analysis of a healthcare environment to help decision-makers improve the efficiency of their services.

Secures patient data

By leveraging MuleSoft’s proven, secure Anypoint Platform, one can quickly build the API once it is designed and ensures that it performs well, scales to support the growing community of app developers, and remains secure and protected against unauthorized access. This will ensure the patient data remains confidential and improve their experience by helping them comply with post-care instructions following a hospital stay. These measures will deepen the patient’s trust and increase their satisfaction which will help them manage their health better.

Streamlines healthcare operations

The MuleSoft Anypoint Platform makes it easy for hospitals and healthcare companies to incorporate integration and interoperability throughout an ecosystem. The platform offers many valuable components—such as CloudHub and Mule Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)—which makes it easy to transfer information across different applications, services, and systems, on-premises and in the cloud. These solutions enable connectivity, allowing organizations to unlock their systems and data to create powerful, cutting-edge APIs.

Helps Hospitals in delivering faster care

A hospital can now develop private APIs to predict their staff requirements better, thereby reducing unnecessary expenditure and quickly accessing the patient’s previous medical history. In addition, an appropriate API will share information with other hospitals and medical offices in the surrounding area, which will lessen the possibility of errors and allow the hospital staff to focus on patient care rather than paperwork. With the right tools, doctors and nurses can more easily access government and research data that might help them make smarter diagnoses. Another added benefit is that an API can be programmed to interact with major insurance providers to prevent any possible billing errors and reduce patient exasperation.

MuleSoft integration makes it easy for healthcare providers and healthcare-focused companies to design, develop, monitor, and manage successful APIs. Through the Anypoint Platform, healthcare providers possess a powerful medium to leverage useful patient and research data that are already being stored in their internal systems. In addition, the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform APIs allow customized integrations that open access to a creative developer community and offer access to advanced tools so an organization’s departments can improve operations and work more efficiently. PreludeSys offers customized MuleSoft integrations that benefit specific use cases and will help in the long-term maintenance of operations.

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