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How to Choose the Right iPaaS Vendor?

22 January 2021

Integration has been one of the biggest challenges faced by CIOs across industries globally. Seamless integration of all customer-related applications and touchpoints becomes necessary, and a poor integration scenario can result in serious business implications. Based on a few reports, more than 90% of companies felt poor integration strategies had them lose customers and revenue.

An iPaaS solution can be very effective in making your integration process more seamless. However, with the growing number of iPaaS vendors, selecting the right iPaaS solution has become complex. Businesses have to consider several factors before choosing the right vendor.

Here is a guide to help you choose the right iPaaS vendor for your integration needs.

Key Considerations for Choosing the Right iPaaS Vendor

There is an ever-growing list of factors that you need to look into when selecting an iPaaS vendor. However, we are here with some of the key considerations you need to make the right choice to ensure integration success.

  • The right platform.

Your iPaaS vendor should be able to provide you the best option for choosing a platform. Having the right iPaaS platform is vital because it empowers your integration initiatives with a single clear view of all integrations that offers centralized management of the entire integration. It also enables real-time sharing and processing across all systems for fast, reliable, and secure access to the application/ information.

  • Varied Integration Types

The enterprise integration journey requires various types of integration such as B2B/EDI integration, mobile application integration, cloud application/service integration, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These integrations are essential for the smooth functioning of modern business which demands your iPaaS vendor to be skilled enough to offer you everything from process orchestration, system connectivity, and data normalization.

  • Fully-managed services

This is one of the major points to consider, as your iPaaS vendor’s ability to manage complex IT environments is crucial for integration success. Managing the increasing complexity of the IT stack has become exhausting, time-consuming, and costly. Hence, the right iPaaS vendor should be someone who can deliver a fully managed service with the correct levels of skill and resources to handle complex enterprise integrations.

  • Reusable business assets

Your iPaaS vendor should enable you with reusable assets when it comes to integration to enhance efficiency and speed delivery time. Instead of having to create a custom connectivity solution every time, there is a need to integrate an application, reusable connectors, templates, and assets make it simple. An ideal iPaaS solution should ensure the provision and documentation of reusable business assets.

  • Governed data access

Data governance is imperative. There has to be a limit in access to your enterprise systems to the right people and ensure that data is being used in the right way. In the case of an iPaaS vendor and platform, security and data access governance should be guaranteed to avoid additional complexity. API that allows access to systems and data provides a manageable, scalable way for central IT to monitor the use of that data, which can be governed by policies.

Now is the Time to Start Your Integration Journey

If you choose the right iPaaS platform and the best iPaaS vendor in the market, your integration journey will be smooth, seamless, and successful. Taking note of these key considerations can help you choose the right iPaaS vendor for your business.

Once you choose the right iPaaS vendor, you need to evaluate your current and future integration needs, define your integration strategy with the iPaaS vendor, and plan integration implementations. The right iPaaS vendor should evaluate your integration business needs and provide you the right solution.

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