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How Jitterbit solves modern-day business challenges?

27 March 2023

The modern business landscape requires enterprises to constantly communicate with their partners to ensure the workflow process is streamlined. As such, integration is the quintessential aspect of every business enterprise, and iPaaS platforms dominate the integration landscape. Unfortunately, the high influx of iPaaS platforms has made it difficult for enterprises to choose the right integration platform. Jitterbit is an advanced cloud-based integration platform that employs high-performance parallel processing algorithms, allowing organizations to transfer vast volumes of data quickly.

Jitterbit’s extensive differentiated features:

On the surface, Jitterbit might seem just like other cloud-based integration platforms. However, its flexibility and easy-to-use application integration software set it apart. The following are the unique Jitterbit features:

Advanced user-friendly dashboard

To monitor integrations Jitterbit offers an enhanced dashboard that is easy to use and helps users identify integration problems before they become too expensive to rectify later. It also constantly provides updates by giving alerts to the responsible people quickly.

Compatible with other applications

Jitterbit is highly compatible with middleware software and can easily synchronize and migrate data from other applications. It integrates all the data systems, whether live on the cloud, on-premise, or SaaS.

Complete low-code integration

Jitterbit’s no-code approach eliminates the need for complex coding, allowing enterprises to simplify the configuration and management of on-premise and cloud integration projects.

Manage and extract quality data with advanced ETL tools 

Jitterbit’s advanced ETL (Extract-transform-load) tools provide data cleansing, and innovative reconstruction tools aid in cleansing and modifying the data between different systems.

Powerful API-based integration

Jitterbit’s API-based integration streamlines projects and connects various applications within a few days. In addition to swift integration, Jitterbit secures data through its advanced governance and access controls.

How will Jitterbit integration benefit an organization?

With the features mentioned above, how will this integration platform bring value to an organization? Here are some perfect examples of how Jitterbit drives Synergy in organizational workflows.

Highly compatible with Salesforce

If an organization uses Salesforce CRM, Jitterbit will add long-term benefits as it has been built with Salesforce-specific functionality through its Harmony platform. In addition to specialized integration templates and wizards that guide users through Salesforce integrations, Jitterbit has also released a unique data loader that caters exclusively to Salesforce users.

Salesforce users and admins can utilize this as another option for the data loader and import wizard functions native to Salesforce. Jitterbit has also added some more features on top of that functionality which includes:

1. Workflow automation, scheduling, and reusable operations

2. A wizard-based tool that uses a graphical point-and-click configuration

3. Insert, update, query, delete and bulk load

Reliable, secure, and EDI compliant

Jitterbit is a robust and secure iPaaS platform. Its EDI handling capabilities are the most significant advantage over other integration platforms. Jitterbit streamlines workflow by allowing enterprises to trade with EDI-compliant partners and customers effortlessly. Jitterbit EDI has the following features:

Enhanced Connectivity Options

Process EDI documents quickly, including full AS2 connectivity for real-time connectivity to trading partners and customers.

EDI Data Mapping tools

Swiftly convert EDI messages to or from any combination of XML, flat files, or databases.

Extensive Trading Partner Management

Add new trading partners without hassles and manage them efficiently to enable EDI exchanges using standard EDI and eCommerce capabilities.

Trading Partner Enablement

Deploy modern integration processes to partners and avoid VAN dependencies.

ETL, API manipulation, and EDI management are all engraved on a single platform. This demonstrates Jitterbit’s versatility in managing multiple application integration. This combination is what makes Jitterbit the most productive tool for data movement. Whether managing your trading partners, working with many databases, or just dealing with data transfer, Jitterbit Harmony will be at the forefront of your business game plan. This is one of the reasons why Jitterbit is often called the Swiss Army knife of integration platforms. In the past, Jitterbit was recognized by Gartner as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service.

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