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How Boomi Simplifies Salesforce Integration?

17 May 2021

With more than 150,000 midsize and enterprise organizations using Salesforce, the integration of a cloud-based platform remains a key challenge for any organization.

Right from the line of business officials to field employees, connecting everyone over Salesforce with its data and other control functionalities is the major business priority. Since Salesforce integration has been a nightmare for most organizations, the complexities in integration affect the overall ROI and efficiency. Before getting into the actual implementation, it’s important to understand the challenges you would experience while integrating apps with Salesforce.

Challenges & Limitations of Salesforce Integration

Salesforce integrations are an enormous worthy project but if you dive into it without any initial understanding and strategic planning may gotcha face unpredicted issues.

  • Initiating without a clear scope and not determining from where and how to start the implementation.
  • Improper planning of processes dealing with data migration, user mapping, security field, duplication of data, etc.
  • Integrating Salesforce with other systems such as cloud apps, on-premise and other business IT environments is complex.
  • Adoption of ideal experts and proficient staff is another complexity were having a team that doesn’t understand the In and Out of Salesforce technology is useless.
  • Another significant factor is the selection of an ideal Salesforce implementation partner to deal with the entire integration process right from consultation, deployment, and testing of quality assurance. 

In order to steer clear of the Integrations Problems aka “Gotchas”, Partnering With an Enterprise Integration Platform is Important as You Consider Your Cloud Computing.

So connecting to Salesforce with help of an iPaaS Platform is a clever strategy to get rid of Gotchas and start performing in delivering customer support. Partnering with the world’s leading enterprise integration provider like Boomi helps to minimize the time consumed in workflow achievement, cost, and efforts in setting up the environment of connecting Salesforce.

The Enterprise-grade Boomi Integration Platform To Make Your Salesforce Integration More Agile & Efficient

The 100% cloud-native iPaaS Boomi (Integration Platform-as-a-service) technology delivers drag-and-drop intuitive interface to create an integration module and connect data with applications. Irrespective of on-demand and cloud applications, with Boomi it’s possible to deploy data into the Salesforce platform and start accessing the entire database and workflow in minutes.

Key Highlights of Boomi iPaaS Platform To Simplify Salesforce Integration for SME and Enterprise Organizations

It Comes with Low-code and Cloud First Architecture

In regards to Salesforce, the Boomi integration platform provides low-code technology to make your tech team more productive from day one of deployment and build sophisticated integration. Boomi’s cloud-first architecture and custom-code helps to improve productivity and minimize the cost and effort in creating codes from scratch for every functionality.

Pre-built Connectors To Integrate Virtually

With Boomi’s Pre-built connectors set in place, connect the endpoints of Salesforce and other applications quickly and virtually without the need of codings. Beyond Salesforce the iPaaS platform provides connectors to connect Analytics Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Heroku and other on-premise & cloud applications.

Boomi Suggest Data Mapping

Boomi’s enterprise integration for Salesforce suggests the data mapping for integration between popular applications and Salesforce. When you wish to connect Salesforce with other popular applications, it recommends mappings based on the highest powerful ranking algorithm to reduce uncertainty in the accuracy of mapping and time consumption.

Query by Checkbox & Easy Data Migration

In order to improve operational efficiency and lower the cutting cost, Boomi’s Master Data management can match, model, synchronize and enrich data across domains. The most advanced Salesforce users would know that Salesforce has created its own query language for data integration. With Boomi integration, users can access the precise SOQL (Salesforce Structured Query Language) without constructing the long queries of the bracket and boolean notations.

Enhance Salesforce Integration With Boomi

Whether you want to host SOAP or REST endpoints, Boomi comes with around-the-clock system integration with API support. In collaboration with leading iPaaS providers, PreludeSys as a tech consulting team ensures to deliver state-of-the-art Salesforce integration possibility with utmost implementation and strategy consulting to perceive the hidden benefits. 

If you would like to know more about our expertise and Salesforce integration services,  Book a consultation appointment today with our experts.

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