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Four Crucial Business Benefits of De-duplication

24 January 2023

A legal dispute in a worker’s compensation case or a personal injury lawsuit warrants attorneys and Independent Reviewers (IME / QME / AME) to go through volumes of medical records. Unfortunately, medical records collected from various healthcare providers often possess duplicate, unorganized, incomplete, and irrelevant medical records. As a result, considerable time, effort, and cost is spent reviewing these duplicate, irrelevant, and unnecessary records. This process can be optimized by de-duplicating, indexing, and reviewing the medical records, particularly prior to serving records to an IME/QME/AME for review. In this blog, we will discuss four significant business benefits of de-duplication.

Benefits of de-duplication

Delivers accurate and well-organized records

When there are two or more identical copies of an electronic record, de-duplication compares them in page categories and removes the duplicates to ensure that only one instance of the medical record is retained for the client’s case file. The result is a detailed and accurate medical record that will be useful for litigation purposes.

Ensures quick turnaround time for IMEs

As an independent medical evaluator, you need to review the entire medical record of your client to ascertain your views on a case. Your time and effort as an IME increase multifold when you review records for more than one client. Duplicate records compound the task and result in wasted effort for medical evaluators. Removing such duplicates enable evaluators to serve their clients at a minimal turnaround time and handle more cases.

Enhances both the evaluators’ and their client’s satisfaction

Unprocessed medical records directly impact the efficiency of attorneys, IROs, and insurance companies; there is a direct correlation. Therefore, leveraging the right technology to de-duplicate effectively, categorically index, and carefully review medical records empower you with reports to infer and proceed with your core business operations quickly. In addition, the elimination of duplicate pages will also increase evaluator satisfaction as their time will be spent on only the required pages. This ensures a win-win situation for both the evaluators and their clients.

Reduces unnecessary expenses for Insurance companies

Duplicate pages result in redundant work for downstream activities and increase the costs accordingly. Therefore, a robust, fool proof de-duplication process will help improve operational efficiency and optimize cost in managing Medical Records. However, it is important to note that a casual or undisciplined approach to de-duplication can actually lead to greater costs in the end.

PreludeSys helps reduce the cost of operations and significantly saves time on de-duplicating and managing medical records. Our deduplication services are delivered by a team of seasoned professionals to ensure data security, including HIPAA compliance.


Our deduplication process saves much time for attorneys and law firms to review and prepare for legal proceedings. Rather than juggling multiple records to verify their authenticity and organize them in a meaningful way, PreludeSys will shoulder the tedious task of de-duplicating, reviewing, indexing, and summarizing medical records. We present our clients with evaluation-ready medical reports within a quick turnaround time. As a result, our services help you manage your clients efficiently and allows you to scale your business to be more productive and profitable with greater client throughput. To learn more about our de-duplication services, talk to our experts today.


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