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Best Platform for Enterprise Mobile Apps – Native Vs HTML5?

5 April 2013

The debate on mobile app development in native or HTML 5 mode is still prevalent. Though there are more native mobile apps than ones based on HTML 5, the confusion in what is the best option continues. For people looking for enterprise-level application development, selecting the right platform is vital.

Today, as newer technologies are developed, and use cases are identified, enterprise-level applications’ needs are also growing. Almost every industry and sector have specialized applications to address problems and hurdles.

So, for companies and professionals looking to develop their services to era-defining standards, mobile applications can be a reliable primary choice.

In this blog, we’ll look at the fundamental differences between the platforms and their pros and cons that will help you make the right choice for mobile app development.

Mobile App Development – React Vs HTML5

Every technology has its own set of positives and limitations. Also, every app framework has its own set of best use cases.

So how do React and HTML5 mobile app development differ from one another?

Why React Native Apps?


  • Solid UX

React Native mobile apps offer a high-performing user experience that is immersive and can withstand modern usage demands.

  • Integration of Sensors

Native mobile apps take advantage of the modern mobile device’s advanced sensors (GPS, proximity sensor, gyroscope, etc.) and imaging capabilities to offer a state-of-the-art immersive experience.

  • Harness OS Capabilities

Mobile apps developed on React native platforms are more capable of utilizing the full range of capabilities of Android and iOS.

  • Monetization

The ability to monetize mobile apps is a huge benefit for developers and brands. React native app monetization models support the developer and can be found in abundance across the major app stores – Apple App Store & Google PlayStore


While React Native mobile apps seem to be the undisputed future, it has its own set of limitations.

  • Require specialized React experts for development and quality check
  • React does not come with reusable codebase
  • Applications developed on React is usually heavier in size
Why HTML5 Apps?


  • Cost-Effective

HTML5 based mobile apps leverage the power of the web. Its ‘write once and deploy anywhere’ nature has proven to be highly cost-efficient.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility

The ease and cost-efficient model of deploying HTML5 apps in cross-platform environments offers greater flexibility than react-native counterparts.

  • Direct Distribution

HTML5 based mobile apps can be distributed directly to the consumers. It does not require any third-party platforms (Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore) for distributing.

  • Offline Capabilities

A big positive of HTML5 mobile apps is their ability to offer a rich offline experience using application cache.


Even though HTML5 mobile apps are easier to build, distribute and maintain, it has its shortcomings.

  • HTML5 recall functions are in no way close to that of React
  • The language is still in the mid-development stage
  • Open-source platforms are more prone to security threats

Choosing between React native and HTML5 mobile applications depends on the use case. It is hard to find a single winner in this debate as both have their positives and limitations. It solely depends on the requirements and the functionalities needed in the mobile application. So, to determine which platform suits the project at hand, having a clear understanding of the use cases is essential before starting development.

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