Enterprise Application Integration for Business Growth

17 November 2020

In this tech world, be it communicating among teams, maintaining customer relationships, or any day-to-day activities, technology has encouraged organizations to rely on a chain of applications for managing various business operations. On average, 93% of companies in the US use business applications for their business operations. In that case, an organization needs to ensure that all their applications function well together and share data effectively while alleviating duplication and redundancy.

Unfortunately, the applications do not always perform well together since data has to be tediously ported over to another application for other business purposes.Enterprise Application Integration is the savior that can help you maintain, manage, and put all your applications together efficiently.

Before we delve deeper into the benefits of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), let us understand the concept of EAI, and approaches to it.

What is Enterprise Application Integration?

The primary function of Enterprise Application Integration is bridging the gap between different departmental software in an organization. Also, EAI is a crucial component of the digital transformation for businesses. It can offer you an efficient data flow from one system to another with a user-friendly interface.

The right set of technologies, tools, and structures ensures real-time integration and efficient data flow from one system to another with a user-friendly interface. Enterprise Application Integration enables businesses to unlock their software’s full potential and outperform their competitors. Many companies are handling EAI through different approaches. The approaches could be an engine that manages several channels, point-to-point integration that integrates applications through one link, or an Enterprise Service Bus that utilizes numerous complex business applications, or iPaaS, a cloud-based integration technology.

Now that we have had a glimpse of what Enterprise Integration is. Let us know what those actual benefits of Enterprise Application Integration are.

Benefits of Enterprise Integration for Business

Easy access to data and Improved Data Management

The right enterprise Application Integration solution can enable easy access to complete information in the applications. You can consolidate all the data across systems to create a single access point. It saves time in searching for information and allows users from different departments to access updated data. Enterprise Application Integration can help you manage the data efficiently by increasing the interoperability between the several departments in your organization.

Streamline business process and automate the workflow

EAI helps in streamlining the business processes by applying better functionality from all applications into an easy-to-use interface. It also improves collaboration between multiple departments. EAI improves business processes as well as enhances the transparency of workflow. By automating workflows with EAI, you can enhance the collaboration across the teams and productivity without developing application-specific interfaces and connecting them point-to-point.

Gain flexibility in IT Infrastructure and innovate better

EAI can help organizations easily develop IT facilities and respond timely to the customer’s growing expectations. EAI lets you respond to new opportunities much faster than your competitors. EAI can help companies quickly address shifts in the market from a single interface.

Increasing efficiency while reducing the time and effort

Enterprise Application Integration makes internal and external communication easier and provides improved control that leads to an increasing inefficiency. Enterprise application integration does not only provide a streamlined business process in a single user-friendly interface, but it helps in a significant reduction in the time needed to integrate new data and the effort required.

Complete Control of your organization

Another benefit of implementing EAI is that it allows you to take control of the information flow by providing universal access, sharing information system, whether standardized or asynchronous. EAI will give you control to get full knowledge of the integration that facilitates complete control of your company.

Finding the right Enterprise Application Integration solution for your business

Enterprise Application Integration is packed with many benefits, along with the few we have seen in this article. When implemented correctly, Enterprise Application Integration allows you to take advantage of your IT investment completely. But, it is well known that every solution has its upside and downside. That is why keeping you aware of the strengths and weaknesses is essential.

To have a successful and smooth integration, having an Enterprise Application Integration strategy is vital. Suppose you would like to take your integration dreams to action before you decide anything on EAI. In that case, you need to have a deep understanding of the current and upcoming integration needs and the challenges you need to face in the near future.

With extensive expertise and experience in integrating our client’s enterprise applications, we have gained more knowledge to help you find the right enterprise application integration. If you are looking out to find the right integration platform to accelerate your business growth, we are here to help you.

We can help you turn your Enterprise Integration challenges into real-time opportunities. To know more about us and EAI benefits for Business, Book a consultation appointment today with our experts

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