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Create a Digital Workplace with Application Modernization

23 February 2022

It is axiomatic that we are in an era of unprecedented change: in the professional world, academic institutions, even the way we conduct our daily lives. This will not change—in fact, it will likely become further manifested. Unforeseen situations—the global pandemic an acute example—have pushed organizations to find alternative approaches to work and keep their operations going. Technological advancements and application modernization has enabled enterprises and institutions to find a breakthrough.

Today, workplaces are no longer confined to their physical form. Working remotely or virtually has replaced much of the need to commute every day to a designated space. Productivity can be achieved and measured in many forms, and hybrid models have proven successful. As the debate over in-person, hybrid, or fully remote work continues, it is comforting to know that advanced digital solutions are playing a role and are set to revolutionize workplaces.

Digital workplaces to dominate coming decades

Companies worldwide have been slowly adopting digital workplaces, platforms their employees can log on to anywhere and start contributing instantly. However, we believe the trend will grow, and the adoption of the digital workplace will accelerate. The era of rapid virtualization and advanced application modernization is here. It is only a matter of time for companies to take advantage of it.

What is a digital workplace?

A digital workplace is a set of online tools employees use to get work done, ranging from simple instant messaging to business apps, enterprise social media tools, virtual meeting tools, etc. For example, Slack, Microsoft 365, Cisco, Teams, and other popular systems are the major players. A digital workplace gives employees access to everything they need, such as process management, collaboration, and project management, to handle their everyday work.

A digital workplace is a virtual space that integrates disparate business applications and other critical components used within an organization into one platform enabling employees to access necessary business data and tools from wherever they are, anytime, on any device.

Advantages of a digital workplace

  • Reduces costs – Virtual platforms offer immediate savings on travel and overhead expenses by eliminating the need for in-person interaction.
  • Improves productivity – The ability to collaborate and resolve challenges together in real-time has sped up companies’ workflow around the globe.
  • Enhanced communications – Encouraging increased two-way communication between hierarchies and verticals offers easy transfer of information and ideas throughout the organization.
  • Employee satisfaction – A well-developed digital workspace encourages networking with colleagues to share ideas. This freedom of expression increases the mental satisfaction of the workforce and makes every individual feel more valued.
  • Increases revenue – Digital workspace application modernizationoffers organizations the ability to reduce costs and increase productivity while simultaneously resulting in higher profits.

But while virtual tools have managed to bridge a huge gap in communication and collaboration, not every organization or industry has been able to thrive and grow on these alone. Just like business strategies, there is no perfect one-fits-all virtual platform from which everyone can benefit. Application modernization is another important instrument that can supplement and enhance the digital workplace.

How application modernization helps create a digital workplace?

The recent global health crisis has exposed the drawbacks of the one-size-fits-all approach to tackle industry-specific hurdles. It clearly shows the need for more profound digital transformation within organizations to keep up with changing market demands and customer expectations. Companies seek simple, secure, and agile digital solutions that add value to the customer experience.

Application modernization not only transforms offline, siloed business processes into digitally aware contributors but restructures legacy applications with modern technologies such as microservices to enhance productivity and reduce costs. Application modernization helps businesses move from on-premise to the cloud environment, enabling businesses to scale and meet current and future requirements.

Here is a small list of proven benefits that modern digital workplaces offer to organizations.

Benefits of application modernization in a digital workplace

  • Aids employee productivity

Regardless of where and how employees log in to work, every team member will need easy access to all resources, data, and workloads to meet production targets. Cloud-based modernizations can be a reliable alternative. It offers increased scalability and helps maximize employee productivity while maintaining a seamless workflow.

  • Faster development

Modern, virtual workplaces give organizations an advantage over their competitors saddled with legacy apps. While competitors squander time optimizing their workflows, you maintain the edge by rolling out new and improved products—giving you a head start.

  • Advanced customer experience

We are quickly moving towards a digital-first world where customer expectations are demanding and feedback—good or bad—is instantaneous. Delays, bugs, and a lack of features can easily lead to losses in business and competitors’ gains. To keep existing customers on board and acquire new ones, application modernization is becoming increasingly important.

  • Automated workflow

Application modernization is not just about ensuring the long-term viability of older, established solutions, but it also encourages automated workflows and cross-platform synergies. Enhanced communication channels and real-time collaborations can be a catalyst for constant development and dynamic solutions.

Build the perfect digital workplace with PreludeSys’s application modernization solutions

If you are looking to move past traditional software and insufficient digital tools that limit your organization’s workflow, we can offer progressive solutions. PreludeSys—a Microsoft Gold Partner—can help you find the perfect balance with application modernization and various cloud-based solutions. Having helped over 50 organizations go digital by leveraging several application modernization techniques, we have amassed a proven track record working across different industries. If you are in search of digital solutions that can address your operational hurdles, please reach out to our consultants.

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