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Accelerate your Digital Transformation Journey with Boomi Integration

31 August 2020

Digital transformation undoubtedly is an opportunity for businesses of this generation, with a massive $7.4 trillion investment expected over the next couple of years. We have seen Digital transformation has become less of a buzzword and more of a critical business requirement. However, the challenge remains on how to leverage it to its fullest capacity. Many companies today face problems and failures in digital transformation. But, there is a simple yet powerful solution for companies looking to move faster and looking to become more agile.

The integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is a cloud-based technology that can help companies accelerate digital transformation. Boomi – a leading iPaaS provider in the market, offering new-age connectivity and integration solutions for your business.

Boomi Solution for Digital Transformation

An iPaaS is a cloud solution that can connect your databases, devices, and apps with directions on how to perform a task. Anyone can use the iPaaS solution and solve any of their integration challenges and make their way to a successful digital transformation.

To know how Boomi solution can help us, let us look into the three major barriers to digital transformation that Boomi Integration can solve.

  • Need for integrating various systems and applications– In this era, with the rise of technology, the necessity for a strong integration solution has become greater than before. Every company uses different varied systems and application that requires addressing varied specific functions. With a robust integration solution like Boomi Integration, you can improve efficiency, downtime, and eliminate various connectivity challenges with multiple systems and applications.
  • Data storage and flow management– Every business decision depends on data. In integration, having numerous data flow types, managing the data storage, and data flow management becomes critical. Boomi Integration can help you get the precise data connectivity and leads to a successful digital transformation journey.
  • Legacy systems – One of the major barriers to digital transformation is legacy systems. There are two methods in handling the legacy systems i.e., replacing the legacy system or connecting legacy systems to business applications. This can affect you majorly in data loss that can lead to improper connectivity and inappropriate implementation.

How Boomi Can be the #1 solution for your business?

  • High scalability and agility– Boomi Integration solution is highly scalable and agile. With the predefined modules, drag and drop functionality, and custom code scripting, the Boomi Integration platform can ensure a successful digital transformation.
  • Highly customizable API strategy – Boomi provides a robust API strategy, connectors, and data mapping tools, which are the key enablers of digital transformation.
  • Atom Cloud for transparency – The consolidated portal dashboard available in the Atom Cloud allows you to view the status and health of your integration process. You will be able to get a clear view of the data movement across the platform. This way, you can know your integration status and also identify issues promptly.

Significant benefits of  Boomi Integration that fuels Digital transformation

  • Faster deployment– Boomi Integration platform with its’ intuitive development environment, the point-and-click/ drag-and-drop interface, and a library of prebuilt modules/ connections can assist you in reducing the time consumed in writing complicated codes and greatly decreasing the timelines.
  • Scalability – Boomi Integration Platform being cloud-based enables you to easily add or modify connectors and functionality as per your need at that time. This can be done without any additional development environment or expense.
  • Accessibility– In a Boomi Integration environment, your teams across the globe can access the same code and share the same tools without the complexity or additional cost.
  • Agility – Boomi Integration makes it easier for IT projects that support mobility, customer service, supply chain optimization, operational efficiency, or any business innovations with its extensive integration capabilities.

Boomi is an undisputed leader in the iPaaS industry and proves to be the best available solution in the market. The robust and flexible integration ecosystem of Boomi can help you leverage better integration and accelerate your digital transformation journey. If you are a business and are on the look-out for an integration solution to drive your digital transformation journey? We’ve got you covered.

We are a Certified Boomi Implementation Partner specialized in enterprise-grade solutions for a variety of integration needs. If you would like to explore more about Boomi Services, Talk to our experts!!

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