How digital transformation fuels customer engagement – Insights and facts

7 September 2020

We all know what Digital Transformation is; this integration of digital technology into all business areas is mainly to transform how our business operates and the value we deliver to our customers. It has been a while since digital transformation has been the subject of many business discussions, but the focus always remains on shaping the customer experience. One of the researches says that 2,000 companies will shift to digital strategies to improve the customer experience, and one business report revealed that 59% of companies are worried that it is too late for their digital transformation.

The Era of Digital Transformation and the Modern Customer

With all the applications, mobile devices, artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and many more technologies in this digital era, consumer habits have transformed. These new technologies have driven the expectations of a modern buyer who is more app-native and connected to the next level. Customers rate organizations on their digital customer-first experience, and we need to rethink how to interact with customers in this digital transformation era.

Shaping Customer Experiences in the Era of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation provides an opportunity to engage these modern customers and fulfill their expectations of seamless customer experience. Here are three primary ways of how digital transformation is already shaping customer experiences today.

Future Of Customer Experience

Flexible IT environment: Organizations are fast, dynamic, and more flexible with digital technologies. By connecting SaaS applications, Big Data analytics, and mobile apps, organizations can create a 360-degree view of the customer that enables them to improve customer experience and meet customer demands quickly.

Personalized customer experiences: One of the key factors that digital transformation can offer is personalization. Every customer wants to be treated uniquely; customers prefer organizations that can recognize them, understand their purchase preference, and give recommendations on their purchase history.

Multi-channel Experience: Customers in this era are not tied to a single channel, and that is why it is imperative to use the multi-channel (mix of web, social, and mobile channels) approach. Customers browse in-store, shop and share feedback online, and approach the support team on social media. Digital Transformation is helping many organizations stand out from their competitors by offering customers immediacy, personalization, and accessibility.

There are many more positive impacts of digital technology in improving modern customer engagement and seamless customer experience. Irrespective of the place or channel, digital transformation can provide you with an opportunity to enhance your customer engagement strategy, help in shaping customer experiences, and meet their expectations. In this rapidly changing digital environment, though organizations are compelled to consider implementing a digital transformation strategy, it has a bundle of benefits. However, you need a reliable partner who can support your vision and make it a reality and accompany you throughout the digital transformation journey.

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