Tackling the DevOps Security Challenges with Best Practices:

28 November 2019

According to Forbes, “an astounding 68% of cybersecurity professionals are demanded to do everything possible to not slow business down. Almost half the organizations cut back on security measures to meet business deadlines. ” What is more is, “62% push back when asked to deploy security and 42% of the operation team are not even properly trained in security measures.” With this kind of security statics, hacker’s records are of no wonder! That is why it is obligatory to deploy DevOps security practices right from scratch! This should start by implementing best practices to enhance DevOps Security.

Best DevOps Security Practices:

Clear Vision of Security

Most developers often believe that implementing DevOps security practices will decelerate the development process. However, they fail to understand that being subjected to security vulnerabilities can consume a considerable amount of cost and time. This is the reason why the DevOps team should undergo mandatory security training after recruitment. The DevOps security training should include all the secure code practices, the most common mistakes, use cases, and more. During this training, senior professionals can also create different scenarios to see how the team is tackling those situations.

Coexistence of Development and Security Team

Even after a lengthy trial of cyber attacks and cyber threats, it is astounding to note that 44 percent of the developers still cannot code securely. This is a major backdrop for the security team and a big opening for the hackers who can effortlessly inject a malicious code at any time during the development cycle. To thwart this, the security team and the development team should work hand-in-hand to scan code for malicious content. With these joined forces, any security threat or vulnerability in the development cycle can be easily identified and mitigated immediately.

Security at Every Step of the Way

A small gap is all a hacker needs to enter into your network, so security should be considered in every step of your DevOps process. Even while designing software, software professionals should implement the best DevOps security practices to maintain iron-clad security. All the alternations made during the entire DevOps process should be transparent and feasible. This enables the team to swiftly identify the security faults and security vulnerabilities and thwart them. For instance, with software component analysis, security vulnerabilities and risks can be spotted during the building process itself.

Test the Waters Now and Then

When it comes to DevOps security, assessments should be taken from time to time to measure the DevOps security best practices. For this security, tests should be created together with the code and integrated into the trunk branch. It should be noted that almost 85 percent of the regression test in the DevOps process is automated, which is usually selected in predefined criteria, and the remaining tests are auto assisted if portions must be performed manually. This leaves not much work for the DevOps team at the same time their security is not compromised.

Establishing a Robust Security with Cloud 

In today’s digital arena, with more and more organizations migrating to the cloud, cloud security is also a key consideration when it comes to DevOps security. Even a minor configuration error like sharing of APIs, SSH keys, and confidential credentials can lead to operational dysfunction and other critical exploitation problems. On the flip side, the DevOps team is also implementing a myriad of tools in their process. This may include Gradle, Git, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Docker, and more. Though these tools have significant benefits, these tools can also pose security risks, as these tools have low visibility, and they are not even adequately scanned for vulnerabilities. So the DevOps team and security team should watch out carefully while using these tools for the DevOps process.

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