Why modernize data platforms?

Data modernization empowers businesses to collect, store, manage, and analyze their data more efficiently and make better use of it. Embracing data modernization using Azure allows businesses to take advantage of many features of cloud applications, such as scalability, reliability, security, and flexibility.

With many years of expertise across the data value chain, our skilled modernization experts can build a robust Azure data platform to help enterprises perform end-to-end data services hassle-free.

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Our Approach

PreludeSys is an end-to-end service provider for all your data estate needs—from data extraction through visualization. We are a trusted, certified Microsoft Gold Partner that has helped many mid and large-scale companies manage their data needs through a broad engagement model covering consulting, implementation, support, and optimization services.


  • Assess existing data and BI platform and its ability to serve the purpose.
  • Provide strategy to modernize legacy data platforms using Azure.
  • Provide a roadmap for the data modernization journey and outcomes.
  • Assess governance policies and standards for enterprise data.


  • Create best-in-class modern data platforms for clients.
  • Migrate and unify data from various on-premise systems to the Azure cloud platform.
  • Build tailored data and analytics infrastructure on Azure.
  • Configure BI solutions that serve analytics and reporting purposes

Governance and optimization

  • Set up data governance strategies and best practices.
  • Continuously improve and maintain data quality across all business units.
  • Ensure data security and privacy regulations compliance.
  • Help meet data standards by suggesting optimal processes, systems, and tools.

Data modernization journey map

Journey map of data modernization services

Data modernization journey leveraging Azure – a four-stage process

Data modernization is a four-stage process that starts by unifying and democratizing data. The next phase proceeds through continuous cleansing, migration, curation, and augmentation for further analytics and reporting purposes. Third, with appropriate insights, businesses make informed decisions and refine their processes.

Finally, with the use of AI and ML, they can drive sustainable growth and innovation. These four phases help businesses derive value from their data landscape.

Service offerings

Data engineering

Our data engineering solution supplies the following:
  • Creates enterprise data strategy and architecture roadmap
  • Delivers robust and advanced data pipelines on Azure
  • Empowers you to achieve data goals by configuring data lakes
  • Addresses poor data management practices, data quality issues, and more.
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Business intelligence

Our business intelligence solution has the following benefits:
  • Provides deep analysis to uncover hidden relationships and patterns in data
  • Produces information from big data ranging from descriptive to predictive
  • Builds compelling data visualizations like reports, graphs, charts, and dashboards
  • Integrates with AI and ML models to streamline and automate complex tasks
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Value Proposition

Unified experience

Unify all your data in a centralized repository and gain complete data visibility.

Instant clarity

Gain instant access to data from anywhere on any device through the Azure cloud.

Unmatched security

Benefit from a highly secure cloud foundation with multilayered, built-in security controls.

Optimize costs

Eliminate multiple systems and reduce the cost of maintaining legacy infrastructure.

Our Perspectives