Enterprise data governance and compliance - manage risks and accelerate insights

Data has become among the most valuable assets for organizations today. However, to achieve the best business value, you must set up a solid data governance framework—a key component of data engineering services. Our Azure data governance services team works closely with your organization to capture business objectives, analyze current compliance levels, and implement standard data protection procedures to help achieve your data governance goals.

We deliver tailored solutions across consulting, implementation, or managed services for data governance based on your business and data requirements.

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Data governance & compliance services

Strategy and roadmap

Establish data governance & compliance practices to optimize data usage.

Workflow management

Ensure smooth business operations and continuous process improvements.

Master data management

Ensure that the data is high-quality, usable, accessible, secure, and compliant.

Metadata management

Ensure consistent metadata to enable faster project and product deliveries.

Data Quality

Streamline data quality management, data access management, data security, and compliance.

Data regulations and security

Comply data privacy regulations such as PCI, GDPR, HIPA, or CCPA with Delphix Data Platform.

Benefits to customers

  • Quality, error-free data improves efficiency
  • Sound base of data increases analytics accuracy
  • Reduced operational errors and data misuse
  • Improved business performance and productivity