Introducing Delphix Compliance Services for Microsoft Fabric

Data has become among the most valuable assets for organizations today. However, to achieve the best business value, you must set up a solid data governance and compliance framework—a key component of Microsoft Fabric services. With Microsoft Fabric, we have one security layer for every piece of data. The security is defined once and uniformly enforced across One Lake.

Azure data governance and compliance services team together with our partner Delphix automates your data compliance and security to reduce risk, unblock data movement, and accelerate innovation.

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Data governance and compliance services

PreludeSys with proven track record and strategic partnership with Microsoft and Delphix delivers tailored solutions across consulting, implementation, and managed services for data governance and compliance based on your business and data requirements. We analyze current compliance levels and implement standard data protection procedures to help achieve your data governance and compliance goals in Azure Cloud and On-Premises.

Enterprise Data Security

Establish data governance practices to optimize data usage with privacy regulations.

Compliant Intelligent Platform

Reduce AI/ML algorithm training time with compliant analytics

Master Secured data management

Ensure that the data is high-quality, usable, accessible, secure, and compliant.

Enable Data Compliance, Security

Mask data governed by privacy laws and industry regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, or HIPAA

Streamline Data Delivery

Automate compliance in Azure ETL flows to eliminate data flow bottlenecks

Quality data for Development, Analytics

Innovate using real, masked data while maintaining referential integrity.

Benefits to customers

  • Safely activate Azure Data Services for industry-specific solutions
  • Solving complex regulatory compliance issues for data
  • Protected and compliant data for accurate analytics without comprising on data integrity.
  • Accelerates the “DevSecOps” shift left.