Our People Philosophy

The PreludeSys culture is unique and has come to be its defining feature.

Our four tenets of People Philosophy guided by our Value System (CLAPQ) define who we are and what is our culture.

In PreludeSys, you will be valued for what you bring into the team, rather than for who you are and where you come from.

Purpose Driven
Purpose Driven

We see a purpose in our existence and
our work has a purpose –

  • To create value and make a difference
  • To inspire all those with whom we connect
  • To provide an undeniable customer service experience
Respect for People
Respect for People

Our culture runs on our strong belief that in all our touch points with people, we should hold respect for individuals as the paramount importance.

Nurture to Grow
Nurture to Grow

Learning is an integral part of PreludeSys culture.
This very culture of us provides growth opportunities not just vertical but horizontally as well.

Equal Opportunity
Equal Opportunity

PreludeSys commits to operate equal opportunity
for all PreludeSysians. We celebrate and support
diversity. We are committed to creating an inclusive
environment for all our PreludeSysians.

While our People Philosophy framework provides a solid operating framework, our Value System provides the direction.

The pillars on which our value system rests are Collaboration, Leadership, Accountability, Passion and Quality (CLAPQ).

That combination helps PreludeSysians make a difference individually and collectively.