Create a Collaborative Workplace with Power BI

20 September 2021

The modern world of business is becoming more data-driven every year. Organizations of every scale – small, medium, and growing – incorporate data for various purposes; from conducting market research to taking decisions and sourcing new talent, almost every vertical is managed. Yet, while businesses have access to some form of data to optimize operations, specific gaps can be detrimental to their business objectives.

Microsoft Power BI data analytics and reporting software to bridge gaps and help organizations make more informed decisions. It is one of the best tools that a business can adopt to find success in a data-driven world.

Here in this blog, we will take a quick look into what Power BI is and how it can help businesses build a more coherent collaborative workplace.

The Need for Microsoft Power BI

Regardless of how much data an organization can collect, it is only as good as its ability to interpret them. Unfortunately, a significantly high number of companies fail to take advantage of the data collected, making it more difficult to find a breakthrough.

Microsoft Power BI has been developed to address such issues and hand organizations the power to make better decisions. The name itself – Power BI, where BI stands for Business Intelligence, hints at how the tool is made to help businesses succeed.

So, what is Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a set of software services, applications, and connectors that help businesses source data insights from seemingly unrelated resources. It offers visually immersive data analysis along with interactive insights making decision-making a lot simpler. In addition, it has proven itself to be highly efficient, especially for its wide range of compatibility with Microsoft software, cloud-based services, and existing on-premises solutions.

Improve Collaboration and Productivity with Power BI

Today’s high-workplace culture is built on seamless accessibility and instant solutions. Power BI looks to help companies adopt high-workplace culture using tools designed to keep the workforce connected.

So, how does Microsoft Power BI improve collaboration among the workforce?

  • Custom dashboards: Power BI empowers to create custom dashboards with business-specific, project-specific metrics and KPIs plus specific to job roles
  • Data sourcing: Power BI enablesquick access to insights that you are looking for in a few clicks and helps build strategies
  • Immersive reports: you cangenerate interactive reports with in-depth insights on projects, business performance, etc. and share them with colleagues within the team, organization, and external clients.
  • Interactive presentation: Power BI enhances presentations by incorporating interactive slideshows with immersive visuals
  • Seamless collaboration: Power BI empowers employees to work collaboratively by report sharing and stay connected from anywhere. Every piece of data and report can be accessed remotely using PCs or mobile (iOS and Android) applications.

Improve Team Performance with Quick Data Access using Power BI

It takes a lot of innovation and investment to find the right strategies for outshining the competition. With Power BI, companies always have an edge in optimizing tasks and reaching business goals.

  • Trend inspection – Microsoft Power BI offers the ability to refer and compare current data with historical records.
  • Database management – Power BI can be used by businesses already using Azure cloud solutions for data warehousing needs.
  • Unified dashboard – Power BI users can get a high-level view of what’s happening across the organization, identify performing and low-performing business areas, etc. everything on a dashboard
  • Quick insights – Power BI enables quick access to business insights within a few clicks and share critical data across teams or individuals

Promote High-Performance Culture with Power BI

The world of business is slowly shifting towards a high-performance culture using real-time data and insights. Power BI is a platform to support such progressive work-cultures adding never before seen capabilities to empower entire workforces.

  • Increased employee collaboration – For companies looking to optimize operations by connecting internal teams from different verticals, Power BI is one of the best platforms to adopt.
  • Simple and efficient – Power BI has been designed to help workforces find simple solutions to complex problems using high-end data fetching and cross-referencing features.
  • Cost-effective – When upscaling to newer and more efficient business operational models, companies also seek cost-saving measures. Being compatible with most cloud-based services, Power BI enables organizations to ditch legacy on-premises expensive data warehousing with minimum effort.

Power BI can be an excellent option for brands and services looking to adopt a more fine-tuned operational structure fit for the progressing industry. Below listed are some of the most significant advantages of choosing a new and improved model.

Advantages of Leveraging Microsoft Power BI

  • Easy integration: Power BI is a software service platform designed to upscale operations keeping existing structures in mind. It is compatible with most legacy business environments, on-premise systems, and other cloud-based solutions allowing you to adopt analytics and reporting capabilities from wherever you are.
  • Customizable: One of the best features of Power BI is its customization capability that allows organizations to tweak the service to suit their business requirements. From dashboards to reports and analytics, every bit can be tailored to meet specific demands.
  • Technical knowledge not necessary: Unlike most of its competitors, Power BI removes the need for having a technically sound workforce to work with the service. It is natural language-based and lets professionals stick to their expertise without deviating to learning new skills.
  • Secure sharing: Eliminate chances of data losses with Power BI. The tools allow teams to publish and share only essential data bits with team members and external contacts with simple clicks.
  • Advance data services: Power BI tools are compatible with advanced data services like cognitive services, Cortana, or bot framework, boosting natural language query handling capabilities.

PreludeSys and Power BI Capabilities

In a data-driven world where most businesses are becoming entirely or partially online, they should have access to their company’s data science to keep pace with the changing market demands. Power BI, a smart business intelligence and reporting solution – helps you achieve that! PreludeSys being a valued Microsoft Gold Partner has real hands-on experience creating collaborative workplace culture for clients across different verticals. Faster implementation and timely delivery make us an industry leader. If you are looking for ways to create a modern workplace, we can assist you with our innovative Power BI solutions.

Connect today to know more about our various Power BI services!

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