Cloud in Publishing

17 July 2014

Have you ever wondered about how your favorite novels/books were prepared for publishing?. Today’s Publishers have moved from traditional handwriting methods to usage of technology tools (like word-processing software, design tools) for manuscripts and book design. This has improved the quantity and quality (specially the presentation) of books. Cloud is the latest technological tool that has emerged as the bona fide standard practice across industries  Publishers are also moving towards Cloud adoption out of necessity to streamline work-flows and reduce  costs.

Cloud solutions can be easily adopted in a publisher’s core workflow across areas like digital asset management, editing and design, readers copy distribution and project management. In addition, they aid in other business services (like marketing, lead generation, financial management etc). Cloud Services can be a huge business driver for small publishers who can easily avail the publishing capabilities on par with larger publishers. Cloud reduces the need for small publishers to own hardware/IT maintenance. It also enables publishers to scale their process and products at more ease than before.

The key challenge to any cloud adoption is security. Migration of applications from on-site to cloud may bring a negative perception and resistance from employees who’re used to the existing workflow. They may feel that cloud solutions cost the organization’s security and downtime. The Organizational leadership should consider these concerns to choose the right cloud vendor and solutions. They should approach to adopt cloud as a technological tool for business enhancement rather than doing for the sake of it.

Publishers should always remember that Cloud applications can enhance the presentation and delivery of content, but good content can be created by good authors alone. Inspite of adopting the best of breed technologies, if a publisher’s content doesn’t go well with the readers, the business is sure to flunk. Hence the core law of publishing business –“Content is King”  remains unshakeable and unforgettable at any cost.

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