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5 reasons why your business needs Chatbots

16 March 2020

Solving customer queries quickly and addressing their problems immediately are necessary for all of us to ensure customer satisfaction, loyalty, and brand establishment. Customer service is not an exception to the revolution in the digital environment. Businesses have taken the help of machines to remove the constraints involved in customer service through human resources. The AI-powered Chatbots are considered as the future of customer service and management. Powered by rules and AI, Chatbots can simulate a real interaction with users via the chat interface. Researches estimate that by 2022, almost 80% of all the businesses would use a Chatbot to provide customer service. According to various statistics in recent times, more than 60% of shoppers prefer a conversation with a company through Chatbots and almost 63% of customers prefer a business that has a Chatbot integrated on their website or in their application.

Chatbots at the forefront of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is all about giving cutting edge user experience to customers and employees while improving the productivity and efficiency of organizations.  Here are 5 reasons why you need chatbots for digital transformation in business.

1. Improved user experience

When it comes to customer retention, customer satisfaction, and elevating your brand, clear, crisp, and informative communication is essential with the users at all levels. One of the major challenges in maintaining a proper communication channel with the customers through service agents is that they often get long irrelevant information from the customers and fail to understand and resolve the raised query. Humans also tend to provide emotional responses.

Chatbots provide better interaction, and they can reduce the risk of losing customers. Chatbots can interpret the extended information given by the customers in no time. With the AI and ML power, it can provide appropriate information to the customers quickly while not allowing emotions like frustration or anger get into the responses.

2. Automated customer support

Every business in the market has some basic queries that customers generally ask. For these same basic questions, the answers will be the same for every customer at any time. In these kinds of situations, Chatbots can be the best way to engage with customers.  Chatbots can handle repetitive questions with standard answers without boredom or tiredness coming into the equation.

Chatbots can be used to automate customer support, which can help in freeing up the human resources for more critical and qualitative tasks.

3. Reduce your operational costs

With growing competition and technological advancements, reducing the overall expenses is of utmost importance to any business. By implementing and integrating Chatbots in your business, you can save almost 35% of your expenses. Unlike humans, Chatbots can interact with multiple customers at the same time, which can reduce the need for more customer service agents and reduce the cost incurred on employees.

The role of resolving customer queries requires 24/7 availability of employees throughout the year. Implementing Chatbots can eliminate investment in employees and also provide useful appropriate information to customer’s inquiries.

4. Keeping up with the trend

People tend to prefer a chat over making a call or visiting the office since chatting is simpler, faster, and accessible. Hence, reaching your customers through chat can be more productive. Regardless of the type of business, customer interaction is essential, and reaching your customers through their preferred form of communication makes more sense. By Chin social media channels, you can approach your customers easily and connect with them better. Not having a Chatbot can make you look outdated to your customers in this highly competitive market.

5. Understand customers better with valuable insights and data

We have been talking about how well Chatbots can communicate with the customers. However, the capabilities of Chatbots do not end there. Chatbots can effectively collect data and valuable insights from your customers.

Chatbots can help you collect more information about the image of your brand/ products/services and analyze the buyer behavior and patterns. It can help you in gathering the information as well as automatically suggest the products/service to your customers based on buyer behavior and patterns.

Azure Bot Services

Microsoft Azure Bot Service enables you to build, connect, test, deploy, and manage bots, all from one place. It can provide you an ability to develop, deploy, and host a Chatbot without the need for developing one’s own AI. Azure Bot services are the best available AI-powered Chatbot services because Azure Bot Services support 18 languages, and the language understanding service (LUIS) of Azure Bot Services supports more than 500 intents and 100 entities. However, planning an appropriate approach towards building a Chatbot for your business need well-proven methods.

At PreludeSys, we specialize in planning and executing the strategic approach towards building a Chatbot using well-proven methods. We have enabled AI for our customers from across multiple industries by leveraging Microsoft Azure’s entire suite of AI stack that includes Azure Bot Services, Azure ML Studio, Azure Workbench, and Azure Cognitive Services. To leverage Preludesys’ expertise in implementing Microsoft Azure Bot services for your business, Talk to our team!

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