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How Chatbot Developers are Powering Next-gen Customer Experiences

30 May 2019

How Chatbot Developers are Powering Next-gen Customer Experiences

Chatbot Developers redefining customer experiences – Chatbots are a clear sign that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is moving the hype. We see more and more business applications built by chatbot developers day in and day out where chatbots with self-learning capabilities interact with humans more seamlessly and naturally. We can also observe growing sophistication and accuracy of AI, which makes chatbots creation more robust and suitable for a broader range of applications. At the same time, there are still challenges faced by chatbot developers that need to be overcome. Improvements in natural language understanding or moving towards more flow-based conversations instead of just “single shot” dialogues are steps that will require more time, investment and research. In this blog, we want to discuss the latest innovations by chatbot development companies in the technology domain and provide you with example applications. Let’s dive in.

How Chatbot developers are Transforming Customer Experiences

Chatbots are a great option to attract and retain customers with consistent engagement and superior customer service. Conversational commerce helps you foster brand value and customer loyalty by offering a human-like touch. For instance, chatbot development companies build in-store assistants that redefine the way chatbots for customer services work. It drives revenue by better-supporting sales associates. An Order tracker bot by a leading chatbot development company helps the customers understand about their orders and seamlessly brings in a live agent when needed. Warranty advisor knows details about your purchase history and provides coverage information and whom to contact in case of repairs/replacements. Flower and gift order bot helps shoppers send flowers and find the perfect gift. Chatbot developers have designed it in such a way that they can answer live questions, make gift suggestions, and send shipping updates.

Beauty/Fashion advisor bot can keep consumers updated on the latest fashion trends, information on skincare, haircare by interacting with users in natural conversations and even enable virtual try-ons. Personal shopper bots can mimic the social experience of shopping by helping customers plan a more personalized shopping experience. For example, visitors entering a shopping center can be guided through a series of questions from the bot to understand things like how much time the visitors have and what activities they prefer. Based on user inputs, the bot can recommend stores to visit, places to dine, surrounding theme park rides, and show timings in and around the shopping center. Here’s a sample scenario of how a chatbot can seamlessly engage a customer and deliver superior customer service and experience.

Sample Scenario

Linda is a chatbot created by chatbot developers for a major luxury brand to extend its high-touch in-store experience to its online customers. How efficiently can Linda understand customer habits and intent to better predict and deliver quality content, information or engagement to raise the Average Order Value (AOV)? Read on…

chatbot developers

80% of Global brands are using or plan to use Chatbots and chatbot development companies to increase brand engagement and lower costs. Leading international fashion brands like Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger have launched AI-powered bots on Facebook messenger platform that guide customers through their latest collections and answer their queries. Chatbot developers built an AI-driven personal concierge for 1-800 flowers named Gwyn (Gifts When You Need). Essentially a high-powered chatbot, Gwyn intuitively guides 1-800-Flowers mobile and desktop customers throughout their shopping journey. H&M launched a chatbot on Kik, a Canadian messaging app built by an expert team of chatbot developers that allows customers to purchase products from H&M’s catalog. It gives a taste of a personal stylist, using photo options and asking questions about the shopper’s style to create a complete profile of what they look like. Once it creates a profile, shoppers can use the bot to design their own outfits, browse outfits created by other users, and shop. International personal and beauty care brand Sephora introduced its chatbot on Kik messenger service. The first time the shoppers initiate a conversation with the bot, it prompts the users to provide a few key details about themselves as a quiz that takes only seconds to complete. Then the users can move on to browse products, get personalized tips, and more. The Sephora bot will also ask targeted questions about the tastes and preferences of the customer to offer the perfect product recommendations, just like a real sales associate.


Though it is a strongly resonating buzzword, it is necessary to consider carefully what a chatbot creation will be used for. Generally speaking, it is fit for frequently repeating situations with solutions having clearly defined business rules, which do not change too much. However, it is critical that you have a strategic approach towards building a chatbot and we strongly recommend using well-proven testing methods from the human-centered design domain.

If you’re convinced that chatbots can add value to your business and if you think you could use some help building it, Talk to our team!

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