PreludeSys helped a leading California-based medical nutrition company modernize its manual data handling process for greater flexibility and improved business operations.

About the client

The client is a medical nutrition company that offers high-standard enteral formulae. Their plant-based formula is designed to improve tolerance with organic ingredients. They serve thousands of patients suffering from severe chronic diseases to less serious medical issues.

Client requirement
  • The lack of a unified distributor onboarding process led to difficulties viewing orders and managing supplier performance.
  • The manual data formatting and validation process was time-consuming and led to many data quality issues and rework.
  • The existing system had limited flexibility to adopt changes in business logic.
  • The customer had to pay for high maintenance workflows due to distributor-specific SSIS packages.
  • The SSIS on-premises and SQL DB on the cloud made the client pay additional maintenance charges.
  • The dynamic field mapping enabled them to gather and visualize distributor-wise input data
  • PreludeSys optimized the workflows with the removal of redundant data staging steps
  • Our experts simplified configuration setup for data validation and allocation logic
  • Error logging with custom notifications at the data row level
  • Modernized to Pay-as-You-Go architecture model
  • Simplified the process of onboarding new distributors (input data format)
  • Reduced manual intervention in the entire business workflow
  • Controlled allocation logic with quick adoption of changes
  • Reduced maintenance costs involved in the SSIS setup

Azure Storage Account, Data Factory, Logic Apps, SQL DB & Power BI