A large property management firm utilized our Lease Abstraction & Translation services to deliver 100% accurate multilingual leasing data

About the client

The customer is a large property management firm having a strong presence across countries like Korea, China, Spain, France, and Germany, whose lease data is organized under their respective native languages

Client requirement
  • The client had a large amount of property lease agreement available across multiple languages.
  • They wanted to abstract the lease data and translate it to other languages.
  • Their inhouse translation set up led to several mistakes and misinterpretation of the leasing data.
  • Abstracting the multilingual lease agreements after having them translated into English from their native languages.
  • PreludeSys used native speakers of the respective languages who had a thorough understanding of the Lease Abstraction process.
  • After the translation was completed the leasing data was abstracted and the summarized version was uploaded into the customer specific Leasing Software.
  • The client received the interpreted multilingual leasing data with 100% accuracy.
  • By utilizing our lease abstraction & translation services they were able to save up to 60% of their costs managing the country specific leasing data.
  • The accurately translated data, increased their process efficiency and doubled the savings for them.